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Spinning v Riding

Bianchi BoyBianchi Boy Posts: 323
I've not been out on my bike for 5 weeks until today, but I have been to 4 spin classes per week over the same period of time.

I have come to the conclusion that spinning is no substitute for getting the miles in on the road, as I really felt it today. I only did 15 miles as well!


  • tamatietamatie Posts: 9
    hi there....yeah i agree with you .....but then spining is done at lactate threshold....and if youve been working in your max zone 4 times a week - even though only 45 min.....youre probably fitter than you thought.....but burnt out from working too much in your max threshold zone., and thats why youu felt "weak" on the bike today......??
    Stay positive....takes this week do one spinning class....and rest of the week - try to do easy spinning - keep HR low....but just spin out the legs...the go get on your bike on the road again.....thats how my friends (who raod pro in SA) tought me.....your rest and easy days just as NB as your hard days,..!!

    Happy miles.
    Tash (SA girl)
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Yeah - I think thats right. I've taught spinning and found that with a couple of classes a week- thats 2 or 3, I'm flying for distances up to about 40 miles or so. After that - lack of endurance shows.

    Spinning is not too different from turbo sessions - but with a good training plan - you wouldnt be doing 4 intense sessions a week - unless you already had great fitness. A combination of steady sessions plus the interval sessions, plus longer road rides will see you flying.
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