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TT made me ill?

nicknicknicknick Posts: 535
Hi Guys,

Almost 2 months since i was ill and its back! I did a 2up TT last sunday and yesterday a sore throat developed and its got worse overnight and i feel rubbish! The lad i did it with is very ill in bed, and another guy has had a chest infection since sunday!

Is this all a coincidence? Or is this the norm for early season races in the cold? (its my first season!) Also, are there any tips for keeping virus free this time of year? Any tips much appreciated as i have worked so hard thru the winter and dont want to throw it all away!


  • Mike WillcoxMike Willcox Posts: 1,770
    It wasn't the TT that made you ill; but it might have been the lack of care afforded afterwards towards getting and staying warm and suitable rest when you got home. Colds, Flu and viruses will get through the body's natural defence mechanisms when you're tired after exercise so it's vital at this time of year to do all you can to prevent infection.

    Mind you when you race late winter and early spring it's easier said than done. All serious racers have been there like you and hoped to remain healthy and we've all caught colds as a result.

    Nothing for it but to rest up now in the warm and spend 3/4 days getting over it rather than have it hanging about for 3/4 weeks by banging about on your bike regardless.

    I caught a cold from my wife about two weeks ago and it was so bad I had to spend time in bed for a couple of days. After 4 days rest I was back out training all the better for having some days off the bike as well as recovering from the cold.
  • vermootenvermooten Posts: 2,697
    Been off the bike for a month with similar, no end in sight.... I made it bad by riding in the cold while unwell I think. In short, there's a lot of your bug about, and I sympathise.
    You just have to ride like you never have to breathe again.

    Manchester Wheelers
  • nicknicknicknick Posts: 535
    Thanks for the useful info guys (and sympathy!) I have a TT entered on sunday but without a doubt will be giving it a miss which is a shame. I did get pretty cold after the race last week getting changed in a school car park! Being my first proper season, im learning all the time :wink:
  • BlondeBlonde Posts: 3,188
    Getting cold in temperature has nothing to do with getting a virus. You probably caught the bug off someone else who also did the TT - you said that others were ill afterwards too. Working in education both my partner and I often get ill and we have suffered for the past three months on and off with various bugs, including a really nasty 2 week flu virus, a 10 day heavy cold and a 24 hour vomiting/diarrhea bug. There's not much you can do but observe really strict hygiene - washing hands, not sharing towels etc to avoid spreading it to others, eat well and get plenty of rest. Try to avoid any further viral infections by not visiting those who you know have a cold, and washing your hands after touching communal taps, door handles and pets and before you eat. Mike W is right that you are more vulnerable to catching a virus off someone straight after exercise - and during/after any other type of stress and also, interestingly, immediately after eating sugar, which for some reason also briefly suppresses the immune system.
  • nicknicknicknick Posts: 535
    Hi Blonde! When touching communal things i always touch the bit where people are less likely to touch if that makes sense! Am also very concious of washing hands etc. Now i come to think of it though-as the toilets and coffee/cake afterwards etc was in a school i bet that was disease-ridden! Oh the joys of amateur racing!
  • ut_och_cyklaut_och_cykla Posts: 1,594
    You don't catch a cold by catching cold but hard exercise and getting cold is a double whammy for your body's defence system. Get warm and dry asap after competing and be careaful about infection risks for up to 24 hours afterwards just like mike and blonde suggest. Even if you can't shower afterwards you can change into warm dry clothing, having toweled down with a body cloth or similar. Use wipes for face and fingers. Eat only hot food (bugs die)? Topping up with carbs and a little protein will also help in the long run as well as resting well.
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