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Any riders in Hastings, East Sussex?

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As suggsted by another member on here, I have looked in my local area for a cycling club, but I can only find one, and that's a roadies club.

Any other mtb riders in the Hastings area, or know of any good routes close by where I could tag along, I'm a beginner and not all that fit, average speed on flat cycle path is only around 10mph - 12mph at present, as I only recently got on a bike after many years of not riding, I don't want to do anything extreme, not that there is anything extreme in Hasting :D, but woods or trails close by, I wouldn't mind having a go at.


  • colleecollee Posts: 3
    hi i live in hastings and now the lighter evenings are approaching i will be trying to get out more often.

    Maybe we could meet up sometimes for a spin

  • Hi Colin,

    Sounds like a plan, what sort of places do you usually ride at in the Hastings area, and what sort of fitness level are you?

    To give you an idea of my usual rides and fitness, see my topic here: ... t=12553576

    Today, I did my longest ride so far, which was 18 miles from Warrior Square to the far end of Bexhill, I came back part of the way, then went back to Bexhill and then home to Warrior Square, all pretty flat cycling (apart from going over Galley Hill) on tarmac and concrete.

    I also found another Hastings cycling website which does group rides, might be of use to any others in this area:
    HUB will be organising rides on the second and fourth weekends of the month from around April onwards. If you would like to help lead a ride please contact Rides Organiser Melanie Bray tel: (01424) 721265.

    Here is the provisional programme, but please do check back for updates!

    Sun April 13th, approx 16 miles in Rye, Icklesham, Winchelsea area. Leader - David Colquhoun, tel 01424 772885.

    Sun 27th April, St Leonards Rotary Club Cycle Castle Challenge (On Yer Bike). Denise Treglown, tel 01424 442970 or 07947 768001 is hoping to get a HUB team together for this sponsored annual event. Proceeds go to St Michael's Hospice and RNLI. There is a choice of two lengths of ride, 25 or 44 miles.

    Sun May 11th, Stonegate and Mayfield (Rother Valley), leader Nick, tel 01424 439352
    Sun May 25th, Cuckoo Trail, leader Erica Smith.

    Sun June 8th, Approx 16 miles in Ashburnham area, led by David Colquhoun.

    Sun June 22nd, a gentle ride led by Melanie Bray, tel 01424 721265, possibly to Cooden Beach.

    Sat July 12th, Rye to Isle of Oxney, led by Denise T.
  • colleecollee Posts: 3

    I normally ride off road but only bewl water etc which i was doing in just over the hour last year, havent been out on my bike much in the past 6 months so fitness isnt great.

    18 miles is pretty impresive

    Just need to get a towbar for my car so i can start transporting my bike around easier then i will be all set.

  • colleecollee Posts: 3
    got the towbar so not much stopping me now,

    Is it okay to tag along with you on occasions??

  • you guys stlll loooking for riding budies?

    I ride at Bedgeburys somtimes and often nip out along the seafront to pevensy. Also there is a another post on here for a chain gang on wednesday afternoons, think it is under the road training forum. I will be joining them for a trial soon but it is open to all I think.
  • Hi Damnedtohell, yeah, I'll be up for some rides to Pevensey if you want, that's one of my usual routes, just give me a couple of days for my knee and ankle to get better, came off my bike a couple of times on Thursday :oops:

    I think the one on the roadie forum might be a chain gang run by carl? He posts on another forum I go on, the Cycling East Sussex one, I think he has about 5 riders (road bikes) with him for runs to Pevensey and back during the winter months, and during the summer he has chain gangs to places like Bewl Water, I think they start from Hastings pier, they are a bit quick for me, average about 17 mph I think, if memory serves me correctly.
  • Noticed you mentioned riding from Hastings to Pevensey.
    I posted a bikely route that would allow you do achieve most of this off road?

    As for MTB in Hastings then there isnt much. The Eastbourne side of the South Downs is always fun!
  • Thought I had better give the pevensy route a try last night to see if I could match the 18mph average mentioned in the chain gang email for the below route. I failed. the ride there was like fighting the elements. The wind was a killer and pushed against me the wholeway there :evil: . The way back could not have been more different. With the wind at your back the ride was like a stroll, I looked down and saw my speed was hitting 37mph in parts (compared to 11mph for the way there!) Even with this though my average was 16mph so might have some way to go before I give chris hoy a run for his money! :lol:
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