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Training for TT's

hotheadhothead Posts: 123
Hello this is a follow on from a previous post. Sorry to be a pain.

As a novice to all this I have been doing work on the turbo for the past couple of months and just want to make sure I am doing it right.

When holding at 80% - 90% of my MHR for 20 - 30 mins my breathing is fine only real problem I have is hurting at the top of my legs this might sound obvious but should this be the case???

Any advice welcome


  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    I think Ruth has already answered your duplicate post in "Beginners", and I would agree that if it's just the normal major muscle groups that are hurting, then it's probably quite normal as these sessions are no walk in the park.

    If it's more around your hips then perhaps your position on the bike is not ideal (check saddle height?).

    Are you riding the turbo in your TT position (ie on aero bars)? In which case, you will probably need to move your saddle forward on the rails to bring you hips further forward, otherwise the more acute angle between your torso and hips will prevent you "getting the power down".
  • If you are finding it easy to breathe at 90% MHR then it sounds like your reference Max HR might be set too low. That level is a very hard all out continous "threshold" effort that you would use for time trialling. At this level of effort, you shold be on the verge of gasping for breath, certainly unable to talk other than shout monosyllabic instructions to other road users...
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