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What should I be eating?

MithrasMithras Posts: 428
I didn't really know where to put this post however, this seemed the most logical.
I've started a new role within my job which means I am on my bike for around 4-6 hours a day.
Most of it is done at afairly slow and relaxed pace 8-10 mph with sudden bursts of speed required occaisionally.
My problem is this, I am finishing every day with the shakes! I am sure this is down too lack of energy, however I still need to lose wieght, so what sort of high energy low fat foods should I be eating?
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  • sounds disticntly liek a courier job to me.

    hit it with a nice balanced diet through th day of small meals to avoid cramps and sickness. Makes sure you get a good carbo drink in the bottle aswell just to keep you topped up.

    Little snacky things like bananas and dried apricots or figs are good for in between meals just make sure you don't over so it else you'll be asking fiendly receptionists if you can use their loo! Been there before- quite regularly in fact!

    Always end the day back home with a nice recovery meal pasta or rice with some veg and a portion of good clean protien - lean meats turkey, chicken and fish.

    just be sensible about it and the weight will take care of itself.

    drop any alcohol and junk food aswell.

  • MithrasMithras Posts: 428
    Not far off but the staple diet of my american cousins would be coffee and donuts!
    Thanks for the info.
    I can afford to talk softly!....................I carry a big stick!
  • "The shakes" could be a symptom of a potasium deficiency. Potasium and calcium are needed for healthy muscle function. Banannas are the way forward, as they give a steady energy release along with potasium ;)
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  • coffee yes donuts no!

    unles they're krispy kremes or tim hortons.


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