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Broken ribs ?

pete duttonpete dutton Posts: 20
Hi, I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice regarding a problem I'm having at the moment, as well as cycling I play 5-a-side once a week and three weeks ago I was elbowed accidently in the chest around the breast area and it was quite a forceful elbow, the following day I was in a fair amount of pain when breathing deeply and coughing to clear my chest has been unbearably sore. I havent been to the G.P. or sought advice anywhere else but I'm guessing I've cracked a rib, the chest is still very sore as I'm a plasrerer and it happened on the side the I use most whilst at work, I have been out a couple of times since on my bike and managed 30 miles O.K. but following day chest very sore again, do you think I should just rest it for a fw weeks ? Has anybody had experience of this type of injury and what did you do ? Thanks, Pete.
p dutton


  • DoucheDouche Posts: 134
    sadly there aint much you can do, a few months ago i fractured a rib after falling onto my bar ends, problem is even when you go to the hospital they dont do owt becuase they cant, the old means of treatment was to bandage the chest but they've subsequently decided that cuases more damage than good. The rib was the most uncomfortable and painful breakage ive had (and ive had a fair few), you cant do owt properly, you cant breathe or laugh or sneeze or roll over in your sleep. im not sure when you did it but i know for me it got alot worse before it got better. Initially it felt like i just had a stitch all the time but gradually it got to the stage of where i couldnt move or anything without wincing like a big girl. Give it 6-8 weeks and you should get most movement back but it probably wont be for about 4-5 months for all the discomfort to finally go.

    Rather you than me mate!!!! you have my sympathies
    I found it hard, its was hard to find, oh well whatever nevermind.

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  • DoucheDouche Posts: 134
    ...but to answer your question, just rest. Doing excercise wont do it any more damage but it might leave you in more pain, just assess your own body and its limitations and go with that
    I found it hard, its was hard to find, oh well whatever nevermind.

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  • AdamskiiAdamskii Posts: 267
    I've fractured my ribs before in a car accident. There isn't much you can do apart from avoiding twisting movements and try not to lift things on the side were there broken. Sleeping can also hurt. I remember the pain of lying down at night or forgetting and rolling over to my bad side. One night I rolled over and heard a crack before a sharp pain in my chest. I was nearly sick with the pain! It'll be uncomfortable for several weeks but that's all.
    It's all good.
  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Just hope you don't catch a cold and start sneezing..............that hurts like a censored with broken ribs!
  • DoobzDoobz Posts: 2,800
    lol yea - don't sneeze.. I had a hernia op a few years ago thanks to training in the British army and it was the most painful thing I have ever had done.. I could not do any exercise.. was gutted

    if you cant ride at least maybe try work on your leg strength.. I would suggest maybe going to the gym to get on a stepping machine so your muscles don't weaken -
  • Takes about 4 or 5 weeks for the majority of the pain to go.

    I've broken/cracked ribs on 4 separate occasions now. All from playing 5-a-side football too. Most recent one was 5 weeks ago, I was off the bike for a week after it happened, but I managed a 200km Audax last weekend without much of a problem,

    The pain often gets worse (sometimes much worse, been to A&E once because I thought it'd punctured a lung the pain was so strong) as you rip the muscles and cartiledge to bits, but then it slowly heals and stops being so painful.
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  • Thanks for all the replies to my broken rib question, sorry I didn't reply sooner but my internet connection has been down until today, maybe due to the earthquake activity, thanks again everyone, I played 5-a-side Tuesday and again last night also 40 mins on the turbo, chest still sore but I'm heartened to know that it will be less painful in a few more weeks.
    p dutton
  • Greenbank wrote:
    Takes about 4 or 5 weeks for the majority of the pain to go.

    Don't you mean months?

    Each time I've damaged my ribs in various crashes It's taken over 6 months to be pain free. It ruins your season.
  • knedlickyknedlicky Posts: 3,097
    I know the pain might feel like broken ribs, but it's more likely they are bruised, bruising being the more common injury from games like 5-a-side. Bruised ribs are often more painful than broken ones, but the pain goes sooner, like in 4 weeks instead of 8 weeks.
    I also play 5-a-side and have had the same injury, from basketball too (which wouldn't have happened if the opponent had kept to the rules - "A player shall not be allowed excessive and/or vigorous swinging of the elbows in a swinging motion").
    I've had a broken rib from rugby (not my game at all, but forced to play in school).
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