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turbo trainer troubles

thenumber8thenumber8 Posts: 68
i set up my turbo trainer last night for the first time in a long time. it's a 4 year old Tacx which has been in storage for the last 3 years. Cranked it up last night found that it doesn't offer any resistance at all, no matter what setting it is on. anyone know what the problem might be? is it completely stuffed? does anyone have a 2nd hand turbo trainer for sale?


  • poucherpoucher Posts: 102

    Its probably the control cable, I bought a secondhand Sirius with the same problem.
    If you get too much slack in the cable, the nipples can jump out of the (not very good! :( ) plastic location plates both in the hand adjuster lever and also at the Magnetic unit itself.

    Pull it all to bits ( nothing complicated inside it :shock: ) load the nipples back into place, loctite them or a dab of superglue, leave to set, put it all back together and make sure there is absolutely no slack in the control cable before you use it, should sort it out.


    Poucher :wink:
  • cheers. i'll give it a go.
  • I'm new to turbo trainers and I have had no problems setting up but how tight should I clamp my back end? I am worried that I might damage my rear hub if I over tighten...
  • took the main body apart and the fixings all seemed fine and in place. i've not been able to pull apart the handlebar mount to try to check that all is well so still have this issue of no resistance on the rear wheel. think i might have to buy another as i'm 3 months away from the etape and need all the spare hours i can get during the week turning my legs over.
  • ut_och_cyklaut_och_cykla Posts: 1,594
    Ring tacx or their suppliers?
    Is it a simple model or electric. The electric ones suffer from getting damp - electric contacts corrode etc. and only provide resistance if they're plugged in!
    The simpler ones should work whatever. Hope you find a good solution... :)
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