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Upgrading Bike Parts...Buying help Needed

AndysimpAndysimp Posts: 4
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Hi there everyone!
Im a newbie here and this is my first time post :D
I have a GT Tequesta 18" Frame all standard apart from i have Rock Shox Judy XCS forks with 80mm travel. I haven't used the bike in a good few years and have now decided to upgrade/update most of the parts but keep the same frame, sort of a wee project.
Im looking at getting new forks (Longer travel as will be starting downhill biking in sumer), hydraulic disk brakes, stronger wheels, better crank etc.. and so on!
What do you people think would be best parts to upgrade first and any reccomendations on good disk brakes, forks etc..
I can spend a Couple hundred pounds each month but don't want to go too over the top.
Any help welcomed and i'll keep you all up to date with my progress!


  • zero303zero303 Posts: 1,162
    The frame won't be up to forks of much higher travel (it will mess up the geometry and ride position as well as put stress on the headtube that ti wasn't designed for, read possible snapped frame). 100mm is probably the absolute limit.

    When you say "start downhill biking" do you mean riding down trails with some steep hills or do you mean actual downhill mountain biking? If you mean actual downhill mountain biking, you need a new project. Even if you don't mean real downhilling, the money might be better spent on a new frame or saving for a new bike, you get a lot for you money these days!

    For downhilling, if budget is tight it might not be a bad idea to invest in a really hardcore hardtail and build that up around some long travel forks, or, save even harder and get an actual downhill/freeride full suss frame.

    Unless you have some overwhelming attachment to the bike, I'd start from scratch :wink:
  • Yeah that was my other thought, just buy a solid new hardtail frame and start building that up! :lol:
    Even if i used this as a second bike, what forks and brakes would you recommend putting on?! There's such a variety im not sure what one's to go for or if they will fit on?!
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    I'd say toras, or maybe rebas, with xt brakes. Or formula ones.

    As for a hardtail, if you want a REALLY solid frame i'd recommend the mythic/banshee morphine, look on

    Alternatively I had a scott voltage, and those are up for some serious hammering...
  • zero303zero303 Posts: 1,162
    What's the budget?

    Something travel adjustable such as a Rock Shox's U-Turn forks might be good, you could stick it on the current bike and run it at 80mm and then put it on the new frame and jack it up to 130mm.

    I had a RS Tora 318 with U-Turn, it's not the lightest but performance is good once bedded in.

    Perhaps more suitable but more expensive would be some Rock Shox Pikes with U-Turn, some models will go down to 95mm which you'd get away with on the tequesta, but put it on a hardcore hardtail and you can jack it up to 140mm and have some real fun!

    Thing is, non of this is really DH stuff and all you'd end up with is a harder wearing hardtail to replace the tequesta. I'd personally not waste a penney on it as long as it's rideable and keeps you in the saddle for just a little longer. Put all funds into the new bike and try saving and buying a complete bike that's close to what you want, it's so much cheaper than building from scratch (awaits flaming from pure self builders).

    Can you define what kind of riding you want to do a bit clearer... it makes advice so much easier and more accurate :)
  • I'll mostly be using it for DH Trials i think...Won't be going up big mountains and throwing myself down :D !! Also some day to day use aswell like nipping to the shops etc.. :lol:
    You may be right in just saving my pennies and buying something that suits my needs instead of trying to build something that won't work to well for what i want!!
    Will have a good look around and a good think and see what i can come up with!!
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    No offence, but its an old frame, with XC geometry and is very heavy! Good in its day, but I'd keep it as it is and spend on a new build.
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