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Training Podcasts?

bahzobbahzob Posts: 2,195
edited November 2008 in Training, fitness and health
I came across some podcasts here:

While they have some drawbacks (including adverts) and certainly wont be to the taste of everyone I found enough wheat amongst the chaff to be worth listening too on long easy rides. Despite coming from a triathlete 80-90% of what is covered applies either directly or indirectly to cycling and the site has a handy index. I would recommend episode 54 if you want to hear one of the training gurus (Tudor Bompa) and 45 which has a good beginners explanation on how much you need to plan to eat during events.

Anyone got any other suggestion of good training podcasts?
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  • JohnpwrJohnpwr Posts: 47
    Joe Beer does one that lasts about an hour :, although the latest one was 30 minutes :)
  • Tri-Talk gets my vote. I haven't noticed any adverts though unless you mean the references to various drinks/energy bars that Dave Warden drops in.

    I've tried numerous other podcast but have never stuck with them apart from the Joe Beer one Johnpwr mentioned. Different stlye to tri-talk and he gets some good interviews as well.
  • bombdogsbombdogs Posts: 107
    Found this great new podcast with lots of training advice about hill climbing for anyone interested. The guy who runs it has also got a comp for a set of brand new pro tyres worth £60 and a pair of Oakley 3.0 Fives sunglasses. Not bad for free. Think he is based in liverpool as he has a report on the eddie soens the other week.
    anyway, here it is the itunes link ... =275749656
  • bvduckbvduck Posts: 44
    hey guys. as the winter season is approaching, im writing up a set of reviews of spinning and indoor cycling podcasts. i threw in some links to free music podcasts i found and even did a couple of video podcast training sessions you can download - would love to know what you think of them. you can see it all at
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