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when 2 ride after Hernia Op

tobciocctobciocc Posts: 276

I had my Operation 8 days ago and am chomping at the bit to ride again, the consultant didn't really give me any useful advice. It wasn't keyhole surgery, just the usual NHS jobbie. Anybody got any advice or experience of this, I'm hoping to use the turbo trainer after 2 weeks and be back on the road by 3. Is this madness ???

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  • my m8 whos a proffesional footballer went through this and he was out for months with it. i wouldnt rush it you could do alot of damage especially in that area :oops:

    what about asking on the pharmacy forum or your gp?
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    pedal like you stole something!!!
  • dennisndennisn Posts: 10,601

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  • tobciocctobciocc Posts: 276
    Hi Dennisn ...... I have tried to do exactly that but advice is vague. Consultant reckoned 3 weeks before using the turbo. I'm just checking out what others who may have had the same operation might think.
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  • PhilofCasPhilofCas Posts: 1,153
    I had Inguinal one done on NHS, none keyhole, 4 inch cut !, went back to an office job after 3 1/2 week, in hindsight a little too soon, was walking reasonably well at that point but a 45 min drive to work and same again on way home plus over 8 hours pottering around at work was just too much and a bit painful.

    As regards getting back on bike, i had previously decided to have a long complete break, 4 months, so that counts me out advising, though i'd say i can still feel a slight discomfort from time to time even now (18 month later). Previous hernia threads have had people who were back on the bike in no time, a week or so, others much longer, think it's a personal thing.

    I've just done a bit of Googling, some sites say speak with surgeon as yours could have been easy or it good have been a so and so to repair, sometimes they just stitch muscle over it, other times they use a mesh strenghening patch so there's a few factors to consider.

    Someone may correct me but my understanding is that once the repair has been done you are pretty much OK returning to normal service more or less straight away, i.e. the repair is done and there's no healing time to take place to strengthen the repair, it's repaired and that's it.
  • Hi i had a hernia op 22 months ago, usual 4 inch cut but i fairly suffered for 2 weeks, i went back to work after 2 weeks which was to soon for me but i'm self employed so i had to!

    I didn't ride for 4 months, my idea was i didn't want to have a set back, mine was repaired with a mesh and if i do leg raises now it still pulls in that area and sometimes get a prickerly feeling.

    It's heeled well and i always check for swelling incase it goes again, but i'd just take it easy and listen to your body!
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