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doodoo_voodoodoodoo_voodoo Posts: 121
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Getting back into to mountain biking after a prolonged absence. I previously stayed in Fort William (before all the custom made trails) and had planty of places to take my bike.

However, not so sure where to go in Renfrewshire. I had some advice on this already in the Beginners section, but would appreciate any other input regarding cross-country routes. I know there are loads of places close-ish that I can take the bike to with the car, but looking for routes that I can just pop out and cycle on and leave the car at home.



  • not too sure about renfrewshire but CARRON VALLEY is only about a half hour away in the car
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  • woodywmbwoodywmb Posts: 664
    See my posts under Ayrshire rides in the "beginner section". Some refer to Renfrewshire.
  • Thanks guys - much appreciated. :D
  • PictPict Posts: 108
    It all depends on what part of the charming county of Renfreshire, that you reside?
    I used to love in Bishopton. I'd head from there over the Erskine bridge, then up into the Kilpatrick Hills. Lots of stuff up there to keep you interested and fit. Aim to get up to Duncolm Hill.
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  • There's some not bad trails round Glennifer Braes to if you're near Paisley. I used to ride there when I lived out that way. There was an XC race there last year I think.
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