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Frame sizing and short legs hellllllllllp

Celtic DragonCeltic Dragon Posts: 57
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Been looking at bikes at my LBS and I have a bit of a quandry!! :shock:

Now I have something that in my family is affectionatly known as ducks disease!!!

Now I'm not a shortarse at 6 feet tall but I only have a 29" inside leg.

Tried alot of bikes (HT's) now a 16" frame gives me a bit of room between toptube and my nuts, but feels too short, where a 17.5 - 18" frame feels right but my nuts are dragging on the top tube :oops: I see that becomeing painfull in a foot down in a hurry senario.

The 16" frame with a longer stem got it feeling right but then but the bars infront of the front axle.

Any suggestions round this?? Help and guideance is appreciated. And to cap it all I have just seen a very nice XTC frame for sale.


  • Seatpost with loads of layback on a smaller frame is about all I can think of that would help

    As for specific bikes the intense 6.6ss is an example of a frame with very low standover yet quite a long front triangle...I guess youll just have to look at the specs on various frames
  • z000mz000m Posts: 544
    u need to try it yourself, only u can know the correct size. take as many test rides as u can when you get one that feels good then start adjusting to make it perfect
  • SplasherSplasher Posts: 1,528
    Look for frames with extra gonad clearance like this and get the right length (not recommending this frame per-se)

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  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    Ducks' disease made me smile.


    This is quite an interesting problem, since your proportions are obviously different to most other riders.

    I'd think you should be looking at traditional XC race-style bikes, perhaps like the XTC that you mentioned - or maybe even longer in the top tube.

    What would be a stretched-out racing position for most riders might just be more like a normal riding position for you - with your longer torso (and presumably arms).

    Were you planning on buying blind off the internet?
  • Chang, if and a big if, if I can get the XTC frame for the right price then I'll suck it and see as it was an XTC that we were fiddling with in the LBS. THat way I shouldn't loose alot of money on the frame on resale.

    If not it will probably come down to a long hard wait and look see to find a frame that is almost perfect the fettle from there.
  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    The other possible solution (if not a cheap one) is to have a frame custom built for you. That way you can get a short seat tube but a long top tube.

    A custom built frame is never cheap (typically starting at around £400 for a steel one, virtually impossible to find someone who'll custom build aluminium, but titanium is available too), but look at it as a long term investment - the frame will fit you like a glove and you can specify all the extra bits you want on it that an off-the-shelf frame may not have.
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  • Oh well, back to plan A. The 456, I'll have to email them tonight.

    Missed out on the XTC frame by £5 with 5 seconds to go :(
  • Maybe if u looked down the back of the sofa, u might find enough money for one of these:

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