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Recovery after hernia op

Ashley_RAshley_R Posts: 408
Had an umbilical hernia op a week ago, very sore around the midrift area still, wondering how long before I can risk riding again without risking doing any damage

Hospital advice was "leave it for about 10 days and see how you feel", and nothing more, good ol' NHS!

Sure if I was a pro athlete there would have been some program of rehabilitation etc, really want to get back rinding but want to be sensible and not risk a relapse, though am suffering from lycra withdrawl symptoms!!
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  • Take the medical advice, although a sports doctor may be better for that as they have a fair idea of what athletes can / can't do. A few extra days wait now to make sure you don't do any more damage and risk an even longer lay off the bike will be worth it.

    If you really want to try, then when you feel better then perhaps some very light spinning on a home trainer only to minimise the need for upper body control and sharp efforts (like pushing off from the lights or short sharp rises) to start with.

    A bit like getting sick, better to completely recover before starting with anything vigourous than to train through and get worse/underperform.
  • Like you Ashley, I'm in recovery from a hernia (three to be precise - one umbilical and two groinal)! I had the op three weeks ago. Recovery depends a lot on a few factors - 1. Your natural ability to recover, 2. the type of hernia (umbilical ones are less complicated) and of course 3. the skill of the surgeon doing the op.

    My advice to you is simple: only begin to ride once you feel completely comfortable. I my experience the recovery time I was given was a bit optimistic and only now am I beginning to do slow rides on a turbo trainer (spinning with little resistance).

    Can't wait for January though!
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  • Took me 3 weeks before I cold ride outdoors up any significant gradient after an unbilical hernia repair last year. 2 weeks of doing nothing, I'd not rush it as a repair can takes weeks and weeks to properly heal
  • CajunCajun Posts: 1,048
    I would agree with the previous repliers.... Even if you were a Pro, why take a chance on complicating your recovery? 10+ weeks and a slow cycling recovery schedule will keep you in the saddle longer than a relapse with a possible re-scheduled surgery and another 10+ weeks of recovery... What's the rush?? You have the rest of your life to bike :D ... QAodpn3JGw

    Merry Christmas and a speedy recovery
    You should research Nutrition and Supplements for post-surgery recovery (Zinc, Bromelain, Vit.E, etc.) as well as treating your incision with Vit.E. Purchase a bottle of Vit.E capsules (400IU) and twice a day, puncture the capsule with a sterilized needle and squeeze the Vit. E along the incision...this will help the skin heal with a minimum of scarring. Don't buy the bottled Vit.E, because each time the top is removed, the bottled contents are exposed to the air, and is contaminated. Doctors have made negative remarks about this technique, but I personally have done this (as well as some freinds) and it's remarkable. One friend had a boulder hit him in the face, smashed his nose, and with supplements and Vit. E applications, you'll have to really investigate his face to see any traces of the acciident...his doctor wanted complete details of his self-treatment.
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