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another 2x20 question

chrisw12chrisw12 Posts: 1,246
So ok, I want to incoporate these into my routine as of now. The question is where.

I'm training for flat long time trials but I've identifeid my weakness as being the shorter events, I'm thinking increase my short time span power and my long time span power will increase as well, hence the 2x20s

I have access to a censored turbo trainer, a flat road and a hill which takes 20 mins to climb (aint I lucky.)

I'm rulling out the turbo, so the question is:-

I know that on the hill, I'll push myself hard and do the intervals properly but I'll loose the specificity of doing them on the flats (remember I'm training for flat tt's)

Now if I do them on the flat, I know I wont do them quite as intensley, my friends will see me training (very important, must keep my training secret. :wink: ) and I'll have to contend with the traffic.

So which one?


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