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boybetterknowboybetterknow Posts: 44
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hello all

thought it was time i posted up,after being registerd on here for few weeks new to mtb,well kind of lol.i used to be big into it when i was 15 until i got the age of 17 where i sold my bike to buy my first car :oops: now im 25and i want to get back into it again.I used to have a handsomedog frame lol dont take the mick to much.basicly i bought the frame and built it up my self
i fitted rock shox judy 100s to it,magura brakes basicly built it how i wanted it,with parts i wanted to fit i did.that was 10 years ago,long time.I used to do bit of dh and xc plus bit of jumping/freeride.
now ive decided to get back into it i was thinking of building my own again instead of buying one,as its much more fun than just buying one already built you guys and girls think its best to do that or to buy one already built?any info or tips on building one would be great,as i realy want to get back into it,any info on this would be good.
I have few ideas on what frame i want etc for what type of riding i do its just the fram size?what will i need for the riding il be doing,im about 5ft 2.


  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    Custom building your own bike will be more expensive than an off the shelf bike, but it will be exactly what you want.

    Speaking of which, what do you want to ride, XC, Trail, Freeride, DH, 4X, Jumps?

    Parktools has a good site for 'how to fit/fix' bike parts.

    Zinn & the Art Of Mountain Bike Maintenance is also a good book to buy if you need help away from the PC.
  • Welcome to the forum ace!
    Could buyin a bike off the shelf then sellin the bits you dont want be an option? Just an idea. Might be cheaper than buyin everythin seperate.Could sell the bits on here too instead of fleabay! Give em a good home :P .
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  • I thought it would be more expensive custom building my own bike.just an option though.
    Scotttomo i see your point,very good one to.Its just what bike to get and if the parts off the bike will sell easy enough.
    What size frame should i be looking at?

    thanks for your replys
  • Depending on what bike you want depends on as andy b said
    what do you want to ride, XC, Trail, Freeride, DH, 4X, Jumps?
    There are quite a few diciplines involved in mtbing all with bikes designed for them and some in between.
    Sizing the bike depends on, your height but not all manufacturers fit the same, also whether the bike fits well when you sit on it and your riding position. I can't emphasise enough that you should try before you buy where possible.
    Do some research online bout the kind of riding you would like to do, a budget and then find some bikes to suit these criteria. Then post them on here i'm sure everyone will be able to help in one way or another :) . Hope i havn't ranted on too much but its best to research and try the bikes you fancy before parting with your cash.
    "If i was a slug i don't think i could handle it, i'd just throw myself in the salt pot" -Karl pilkington

    Whyte 46, i fall off it alot!!
  • Hi fella.
    If you build it,they will come.

    Oh,hang on.. :oops:

    If you build it without having another ride,it'll drive you nuts wanting to ride it and not being able to.
    You may end up compromising on parts and buying cheap stuff just to get it rideable..

    Dot 4 in the eye hurts. Trust me
  • you havent ranted on :lol: ,Im into a bit of everything realy,thats why i put im into xc,dh etc etc,i would say i be mainly into jumping/freeride,as thats what i did more of back in the day when i had a mountain bike.
    dh is not realy my strong point,so i would rule out doing dh realy,plus i dont want a full suspension bike,just hardtails will be what im after.
    cunning-stunt i hear what your saying there mate,very good point :) ,but im hopefully going to get it done before xmas so i have a bike ready for after xmas,im not planning on buying cheap stuff to fit,as thats not me,i wouldnt want to ride it,until i have it how i want it,if you know what i mean :)
    i will go check out my local bike shops near me,then go from there.

    thank you all for the info,i will get back to you when ive had a look at my local dealers.
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