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Back on bike after catheter ablation?

bs147bs147 Posts: 164
I'm having a catheter ablation on Thursday of this week to hopefully cure me of a heart arrthymia - Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome.

I'd be interested to hear anyones experiences of the procedure but most importantly how long was it before they were back on the bike and training/riding normally?


  • From a medical POV (my wife and myself in training), I wouldn't do anything major for at least 2 months as there may be clot formations at the ablation sites due to incomplete healing or subsequent bleeding. Increasing your blood flow will increase any risk of clots breaking free considerably. Last thing you want is a pulmonary embolism to deal with as well. They will give you aspirin to reduce that risk, but it's still present.
  • Dr_DeathDr_Death Posts: 1,262
    There was a thread about this on the MTB bit a few months back. Hang on, I'll find it.

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    Trust me, I'm a doctor!
  • hi

    I went straight back to training after about a week (swimming rather than cycling at the time fwiw). I felt a bit woozey after the sedation, so waited for that to wear off. There was however nothing in the way of after-procedure care or advice, and I was young enough to still think that I was immortal :-)

    Obviously whatever the doc says goes, but in absence of that then taking it easy for a couple of months sounds very sensible. The procedure will not effect fitness, and the only side effect should be the drugs they give you so that they dont have to talk to you :) There shouldnt be anything physically stopping you going back to 100% training after a few days, but a more restrained ramp up sounds way more sensible.


  • bs147bs147 Posts: 164
    Well, I had my ablation on Thursday....all went okay! They made 3 punctures on the right hand side and one on the left. On the right side i have an angio seal (bung) in the largest puncture. I was told to take it very easy for a week and get back to active soon after - certainly giving it a month or two before really going for it won't do any harm. At the moment I walk like an extra from a zombie movie so I'm looking forward to that improving! Thanks for the feedback and responses on this - if anyone wants to know of my experiences on the day then please just ask!
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