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Anyone using SRAM Force or red, interested in any feedback or reports regarding any issues,


  • On force after 15 years on Campag.

    Shifts well easy to use Can't fault really.

    Make the leap and you'll love it.

    Ps easiest groupset I've ever set up as well
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  • I seem to remember reading that the SRAM groupset has had some shifting problems but the Red version has sorted this out.

    I must say that when I have tested the SRAM shifting in my LBS I was impressed.
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    I was talking to some fellas in a shop the other day and they reckoned RED was decent enough but far too expensive, 1 of them reckoned you could get 2 Dura Ace gruppos for the same price. I nearly had RED fitted on my new bike but was talked out of it becuase it's still first generation: "let other people be the guinea pigs this year..." I went for Campy in the end because ultimately you know what you're gonna get with campy, and it's not £1500 for the gruppo. Also heard a rumour that one of the reasons Millar left Saunier was because he disliked the SRAM gruppo so much.
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  • Is the rear SRAM cassette fitting Shimano?
  • Is the rear SRAM cassette fitting Shimano?

    I'm not a SRAM user, but as far as I know, yes - the splines are the same. Dunno whether the sprocket spacings are compatible, though.

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    Never used any of the kit myself, but the original group sets looked okay, if a trifle pricey. As for the RED stuff, I won't be tempted to stray from my Shimano Dura-Ace rig which is working smooth as ever :)

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