I've Ordered My Bike, Now what?

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I have just ordered and am waiting for my new bike( Mongoose Tyax Super). What else am I going to need? I want a nice list to give my wife for Christmas Ideas!
I'm thinking mudguards, are the crud catchers the best at a reasonable price?
Do you normally use cleated shoes, or is that just for road work? What about keeping the bike clean and maintained? Any good products available? We're on a budget so good value is always appreciated.
I look forweard to hearing your views.
Can't wait to get out in the fresh air!
:? Cheers


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    Yeah Crud catchers are fine.

    you'll be wanting some Fenwicks bike cleaner, some finish line dry/wet lube, some degreaser and some gt85, maybe a expanded tool kit, a multitool, and a decent pump.

    or to make you bike more personalised, some new grips (lockon), saddle, pedals, and mayeb a bit of hope (or similar) in the clamp and QR departments..

    then you'll get the bug and soon all your money will go on it..
  • Apart from a bike helmet then something you'll really want is a multitool that lives in a bag under your seat alongside a spare inner tube and a pump that lives on your frame.

    Saves you a long walk home and makes a nice package for xmas. :)
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    Hydration pack always useful - goes on your back keeps drink handy and can hold stuff in there was well - jacket, multi tool, inner tubes, glasses etc.

    Some good gloves are always useful preferably full finger for when it gets cold in my case but is up to you and some glasses with interchangable lenses if poss can get them cheap enough from argos etc to start with. Helps when out and if the weather not the best can put the clear lenses in and not have to worry about mud getting in your eyes every five minutes. If is a good day then back to normal sunglasses lenses and helps to be able to see full stop!!!

    Not much fun coming down hill and only being able to see from 1 eye!! :shock: or the sun gets in your eyes and you cant see where the hell you are!! :shock: :shock:

    Most importantly just get out there and enjoy it!!
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    I think I will write my wife a list! what a great idea - welcome to the forum!

    I agree with these guys and wanted to add that I found going to Chain Reaction Cycles webpage a great way to weigh up what bits to get and also for how much (there are very good deals on there). You will find CRC are always mentioned on here and are one of, if not the best, suppliers of MTB components & equipment etc.

    Have fun and Merry Xmas mate.
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    Mud guards are for girls! How else are you going to get covered in crud? Hmm? And then ruin the wife's washing machine?

    Seriously though, think -

    Eye Protection
    Shorts/Short Liners
    Multi Tool
    Spare Inner Tube + Puncture Stuff
    Hydro Pack

    As far as the clipless pedals things go, learn to ride with flat pedals and shoes. Then move on to clipless pedals/shoes when you are more proficient and confident. They take a bit of getting used to and it probably isn't a good idea to start off on them.
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  • I wish I knew before getting my bike..... Soo much money has gone now
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of mountain biking :D
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