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Sore arm - cycling related?

novembercpnovembercp Posts: 58
Started cycling a bit more recently and at the same time have developed pain in my lower arm, especially if I rotate my hand and/or put a load on my thumb and/or repeatedly use a computer mouse at work. May not be due to cycling, could be from liftiing my heavy 8-month old son but it occurred to me that it might be due to gearchanging or related wrist/thumb movements. It's the right hand (which does most gear changing?) and is worse this week when I didn't cycle at all.

Any ideas?


  • MartinLMartinL Posts: 102
    I had something similar when I did JoG to LE. During the second week, I found I couldn't push the lever on my left hand STI and had to pull it instead. Was ok again a few days after the ride finished. I think it was down to the increased number of shifts and the greater movement required to shift a triple chainset.
  • CajunCajun Posts: 1,048

    cptips is an excellent cycling information it for other issues...
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