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Tacx Cosmos query.

ankev1ankev1 Posts: 3,686
edited November 2007 in Training, fitness and health
Has anybody got experience of the Tacx Cosmos T-1970 ergo trainer? Does it do what it says on the tin? I'm thinking of getting one for the winter months.


  • Hi - I have just bought one of these and am having great fun with it. It mimicks the road riding I normally do and is remarkably lifelike in its interpretation of climbs, forcing gearshifts etc. There are a few bugs i the system - mine does not calibrate - keeps coming up with an error, which I am trying to resolve. Having said that, it does not detract from the usefullness and enjoyment I am getting out of it. I programmed in a route of 70 miles yesterday and rode it in my kitchen !!!
    If you decide to buy one and need help with programming specific routes, I can help with that.
  • gjmgjm Posts: 101
    I've been looking around to see what is available too - I love cycling but because of an accident I can find mid-ride that I'm suddenly unable to continue. Bleedin' inconvienient if I'm miles from home!

    The Cosmos is probably top of my wishlist for price reasons. On the more realistic list, I've also been looking at the Cycleops Fluid 2 which is cheaper but obviously has less functionality.

    I too would be interested to hear more about the Cosmos - for example, how noisy is it? This may be important...
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