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Glen Turret Test

PictPict Posts: 108
edited November 2007 in Routes
A few buddies and I are panning on doing the route at Glen Turret, near Crieff. Looks a reasonably straight forward route with a fair bit of climbing up to the 750m contour.
Has anyone out there extended the ride with a wee detour North to the summit of Auchnafree Hill?
Or any general comments about the route?
Come back with your bike or upon it.


  • WoodywmbWoodywmb Posts: 888
    Haven't done it - but lots of good MTBing according to Memory Map. Let's know what it's like. I'll do it within the next month (but without the high add-on).
  • PictPict Posts: 108
    I was having a look at the route on arial mapping. It looks like there is a rough landrover track that branches up to the top of Auchnafree. Corbett bagging on a MTB.
    Come back with your bike or upon it.
  • PictPict Posts: 108
    I did this route yesterday, with 6 mates. We extended it by starting in Comrie, and following the trails to Turret Dam. There was a group of about 5 MTBers ahead of us, all in matching purple and white(very co-ordinated). Any idea what club they are from?
    It was extremely windy at the top, and it was an effort to stay upright on the bike. The purple and white brigade headed of in an Easterly direction at the end of the big decent, instead of heading back to the Dam. Any idea where they were heading to? One could continue up to the top of Auchnafree, pushing involved. But we were all a bit wind blown and knackered to check it out.
    I'd recommend this route, but go when the wind is a bit lighter.
    Come back with your bike or upon it.
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