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IzembardIzembard Posts: 42
I do about 50 - 100 miles per week some 10 mile commutes and some 2 hour ish rides at the weekend, recently did Manchester 100 all without any aches or pains. I also usually run 10 - 15 miles per week in 3-5 miles sessions.
Due to a broken toe (sustained during an encounter with my kids toys in the playroom) I wasn't able to run for about 6 weeks (didn't stop me cycling though which was good) untill about 3 weeks ago. Anyway a couple of hundred yards into my first run after the layoff I developed a sharp pain in my right waist just above the pelvis, where you would rest your hand if you were in the village people, you know what I mean.
Initially I had the classic pain down my right leg which quickly cleared up, in a day or two but ever since the pain in my waist has remained with varying intensity. I am able to run and the bike doesn't effect it so its just a niggle but I just wondered if anyone could recommend some stretching or some other exercise that would sort it out


  • popettepopette Posts: 2,089
    I'm no expert and I'm sure there are far better qualified people on here, but I'd recommend seeing an osteopath. I had a pain in my back/waist over to the right side. I went to a physio but found them not to be too helpful. I went to an osteopath and the difference was amazing. It took a few weeks but I was soon back to normal. I now go every couple of months, just to make sure everything is on track. My problem was with my sacroilliac joint - which can be confused with sciatica I believe.

    The osteopath gave me a whole series of stretches for cyclists. I find that if I feel the tightness coming back, I need to spend a good while going through my stretches again. I also do core stability work on a ball/roller/bosu (I have all kinds of equipment in my cupboard under the stairs!). I have this exercise sheet scanned if you want me to send it to you?

    Good luck - those pesky toy rooms eh?
  • mea00csfmea00csf Posts: 558
    i had very severe sciatica. Basically i was stood there one second and on the floor the next, think like a puppet should you drop the strings. Tried to walk and passed out and was ambulanced to hospital. By the time they'd diagnosed and given me pills to get my back muscles to unclamp the sciatic nerve i'd been crying in pain for over 2hours. :oops:

    It took a good week till i could walk further than a few hundred meters and a good few weeks until i was walking around fairly normally. What sorted me out was physiotherapy which combined massage and stretches, pilates and swimming. The pilates is fantastic and even tho i started it when i felt like i was nearly back to normal i was amazed at how much the muscles were still pulling and tight in my back and a few weeks of regular classes helped enormously. Swimming also very good as you engage you core without really thinking about it.
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