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Turbo training in an apartment????

NervouselkNervouselk Posts: 1,071

Does anyone have experience of using a turbo trainer in a flat/ apartment?

Does it make to much noise or vibration for the people below etc?



  • PagemPagem Posts: 244
    get the queitest triainer you can find.

    plce it on an absorbing mat like an old spnge camp/yoga mat.

    make sure your neighbours dont work shifts or adjust work outs accordingly


    find a local triathlon club, bike club that do trubo sessions at local halls etc.

    i used to train in th kitchen and blame the washing machine once when questioned about the noise.
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  • NervouselkNervouselk Posts: 1,071
    is there anyone who does it and gets away without being bothered by anyone?
  • phil sphil s Posts: 1,128
    I do it, I'm on the top floor and I have wooden flooring... I made sure I got the quietest trainer which was a Cycleops Fluid 2, I use a mat and I don't do training at silly o'clock. Absolutely no probs so far.
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  • NervouselkNervouselk Posts: 1,071
    Nice one, will keep that in mind.
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