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transition period - month off the bike?

popettepopette Posts: 2,089
does anyone else plan to take a month of their bike around now? I'm following the Cyclist's training bible approach, which advocates a complete break from cycling around this time of year. I don't mind dropping the midweek rides but I think I'd go nuts without my outing at the weekend, particularly while we're enjoying reasonable weather.

I'm wondering if anyone else is planning to stay off their bike; what you're doing instead and what benefit, if any, you have noticed by taking a break.



  • Eddy SEddy S Posts: 1,013
    I’m in the middle of my rest period - the Masters National Track Champs marked the end of my season. The guidance from my coach is to chill a bit, enjoy the bike and get back to cycling for relaxation.

    For me that means not having to do all of my programme. So, during the week I’m still doing my yoga classes but currently not any of the bike training sessions and just going for the weekend rides.

    It does take some adapting to, not ‘having’ to train 5 or so times a week. What have noticed? Well, my legs hurt on Saturday and Sunday, but probably because I’m still riding too hard for someone who is supposed to be riding for relaxation! :roll: :)

    I’m even going out to see a band tonight – completely unheard of during the summer with track league and training! 8)
    I’m a sprinter – I warmed up yesterday.
  • andypandyp Posts: 9,106
    A break at this time of year can be beneficial mentally as much as physically. I enjoy the autumn as usually I'm not training for anything specific so I can just go out on my bike and enjoy myself.

    I always have 3-4 week break (although I usually keep commuting but that is cycling for transport not training) in November so that I'm keen to start riding again when the weather is at its worse and it's dark through December, January and February. It works for me, YMMV.
  • I tend to stop all quality and volume and just enjoy the sport for a while. Cross-training is good to do.

    As it drinking the copious amounts of beer you couldn't do during the summer months!!!!
  • I'm just enjoying riding, running, spin anything to keep ticking over, but then my rest period started mid August due to holds and illness. I'm going to start hill reps and intervals in Nov and Dec.
  • Taking 2 weeks off from today. First yr of testing, 20 + events so doing the sensible thing and resting the body.EnLighten.gif
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  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    You don't need to rest off, but it's usually good for the mind, and there are always those weeks that snow or MAINLY ICE stop you, but that's not easy to build in.
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