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Losing weight but not muscle + maintaining weight

HaynesHaynes Posts: 670
Weighed myself a few weeks ago and i found i was a few KGs heavier that i should be. I got into the habbit of thinking i can eat anything because i burn the calories off.

Anyway ive managed to bring the weight down quiet successfully by eating low fat options, smaller portions and ditching 1000calories a day from chocolate, cakes, puddings etc, snacking on fruit and nuts instead.

I continue with a 170 mile a week commute and have been working hard on the hills, seated in a highish gear. I estimate around 25% of my calories come from protein, but probably because ive reduced carb intake at night. (Getting enough carbs for an hour commute isnt really a problem.)

Just after some advice on retaining muscle and losing the fat?

And when ive reached the right weight what changes to i need to my diet to maintain that weight? My plan would be to increase carb intake?
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  • ut_och_cyklaut_och_cykla Posts: 1,594
    Eat a balamced diet to maintain weight (where's that 'can of worms' emoticon :wink: )
    Keep exercising regularly/steadily and eating sensibly to get there.

    Try not to eat more protein than 1.5 g/kg body weight - it won't help and might do harm. Keep the fats lowish and 'healthy' and make the rest carbs - quick ones to top up after daily commute and slower ones otherwise - which usually mean more full grain etc. Don't forget fruit & veg contribute to carb intake and supply valuable trace elements, vitamins etc.

    I believe in the energy in/ Energy out school of thought - you could meet your daily energy needs with chocolate bars if you wanted and still go down in weight but you'd feel very unsatiated and miss out on loads of nutrtional 'goods' which in teh long term would be bad news.

    But I think you're already on the right track - just be patient!
  • BeaconRuthBeaconRuth Posts: 2,086
    Haynes wrote:
    Weighed myself a few weeks ago and i found i was a few KGs heavier that i should be. I got into the habit of thinking i can eat anything because i burn the calories off.
    This is an interesting point, because I think it's an idea that many cyclists hold dear. When I read your post, I thought, "crikey, 170 miles a week commuting, it will take some calories to fuel that week in, week out" and I began wondering how you could put on weight when you're riding so much...............

    But the point is - some foods are so evil ( :evil: smiley for effect) that not even keen, very active athletes should ever think they can eat them with abandon. Cakes, crisps, biscuits, puddings, trifles................... nasty nasty things! It seems to me you can get a way with the odd treat because you're a cyclist but unfortunately not even riding regularly provides a licence to eat anything. :(

  • Intersting topic......
    To add more food for thought( :roll: ), the 'balanced diet' comes back into the equation as it is the vitamins and minerals gained from fruit and veg, that will give the optimum metabolism. IOW, you can eat wholesome food, as in quality carbs and protein, but without the Vits and Mins, you wont squeeze as much energy from it.
    Also, there's no point in having a 'hearty' evening meal if you are not replenishing energy stores. Eat well at breakfast and lunch, when you're active and able to use the energy from those meals, and eat light in the evening if you plan to kick back and relax.
  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    Just cut out some/ a lot of the censored ....... you can't just eat what you want - a good diet is the best way forward... choc, cakes can be eaten, but hold back a bit....
  • peanutpeanut Posts: 1,373
    Try fewer longer rides like audax's etc I believe I read somewhere that the body burns mostly glucose for the first half hour or so before it starts to use your fat reserves.
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