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Chain degreasing and Lubing

PhilTheFishPhilTheFish Posts: 82
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After 200 miles on my new Carrera Subway I decided to degrease and relube the chain as it was getting a little bit noisy. Bought myself a chain degreasing thingummybob (the ones with the brushes in the plastic box thingies). It came with a free bottle of citrus degreaser which seemed to work very well.

What do you guys use to lube your chain? When I first got the bike it was like a clear light sticky lube on it, but since then I've just lubed up with WD40.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    get a good chain lube.

    WD40 is not really a lube but a water displacer and does not really have any place being used on a bike.
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  • GussioGussio Posts: 2,452
    Finish Line Cross Country on the commuter.

    White Lightening Original on the road bike.

    GT85 on selected other parts.
  • homercleshomercles Posts: 499
    I degrease using a chain scrubber and then rinse the chain with a damp cloth to get rid of degreaser, spray WD40 to displace any water and then dry with a rag, then apply Finish Line Cross Country. Smooth as silk.
  • BentMikeyBentMikey Posts: 4,895

    Do the Sheldon Shake, it's the best and most effective way to properly sort your chain. (I mean the serious way, not the silly page, which is quite funny!)
  • Might give this a bash at the weekend....
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