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Polar software-Pro Trainer 5 trial version

paul.dpaul.d Posts: 82
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I have a Polar 710 and use the Polar Precision Performance software to download exercises to the PC-Polar now say they are phasing out PPP and introducing Polar Pro Trainer 5 but only allow a download for 30 day trial-anyone worked out how to get the full version-I don't really see why I should pay £30 odd quid for it!


  • Do you go and steal a new bike when a new model comes out too?
  • no -I just have a thing about software upgrades which aren't back compatible-if the old version keeps working thats fine-I guess part of the reason for the change is Vista?
  • I have used both precision performance and pro trainer on Vista without problems so I don't think its that. To be honest I can hardly see any difference between the two anyway :/
  • thats what I thought-can't really find anything extra thats worth the change
  • top_bhoytop_bhoy Posts: 1,421
    Is it the case that the advertised free-to-use features at the time of purchase are no longer going to be available unless you pay 30 quid, therefore you lose certain 'useability'? If so, I would have no guilt complex in obtaining a copy by almost any method so that I could retain the same features and 'useability' of the original purchase. Unfortunately, as I don't use it. I can't help getting you a copy.
  • the trial is a free download-the cash is if you want it for longer than 30 days-you can't re-download it either it says
  • top_bhoytop_bhoy Posts: 1,421
    paul.d wrote:
    the trial is a free download-the cash is if you want it for longer than 30 days-you can't re-download it either it says

    I was referring to the HRM (not the software) where by Polar changing to a different system, you lose previously advertised free-to-use features unless you now pay a premium price. In this case you would lose features of the HRM and 'useability' which were important at the time of purchase effectively meaning the product has now been subtley downgraded without consent.
  • see what you mean and agree-the 710 I've got is compatible with the ProTrainer-I still don't see why they haven't offered a free upgrade to existing customers-it's bad PR in my opinion
  • PPP will continue to work with your HRM so its not really like your product is being downgraded.

    Anyway, I've sent you a PM.
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