Aldi Winter clothing etc

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Aldi's Winter clothing and bits & bobs on sale this thursday at Aldi's silly prices as always.

Link here

Good hunting.
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  • Massive thanks for this, just the sort of thing I was looking for, will pop down on thurs.

  • JJB Sports are selling hih viz vests for £2.99.
    They are also seling LOTTO baselayers for half price at £9.99
  • Mr_X_Plosion ~ Nick . . . . I sent you a PM reply about Shimano Shoes. The message seems to be stuck in my outbox and for whatever reason, won't go??? Email me direct using link from my airfriday website. Steve
  • Are there any Aldi's in central or west London. I thought I saw one, but there's none near me on the web site.
  • Just wasn't possible to make it this morning as the nearest Aldi listed on the website is 7 miles from home and that's completely in the opposite direction to work.
    It would have been possible if stores opened at 7am. Shame as I need some winter gear.

    I hope Lidl do the same as it's much easier to get to.
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    Does it really all sell out that quickly?

    I've sent my dad for some stuff, but he won't get there until about lunch time today.
    I like bikes...

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    It's just that they get very little stock per store so things go pretty quickly.

    There were quite a few cyclists in the Old Trafford store this morning.
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    I went at 9am this morning and it was mental, could only be described as a rugby scrum...
  • Same here, it was like a club meeting.
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    just back from the one in Whitefield Manchester. There is loads of stock and it is quiet. There are no glasses though and evidently there will not be any at any store. reason I went really.

  • I got some nice amber UV400 Glasses from Netto a few weeks ago.
  • I didn't see gloves at Peterborough, has anyone else in other stores?
  • Mog Uk
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    Had loads of gloves in Stockport, in sealed packets so can't try them on though....
  • Load of nonsense regarding the gloves! just open the packet and try them on they dont force you to buy them if you open the packaging :shock:

    I went to the Exeter shop (nearest other shop is Plymouth) at 10.30am and there was very little left just the lights, socks and a few rain jackets , was a bit hacked off. Saw a couple of other blokes wandering around with the same hacked off expression. Ended up getting some socks and a pair of gloves (both good quaility). Went back to the car and sat a while checking over my purchases and decided to go back in hoping they'd been late getting the stock out. Unfortunately nothing ele was on show so I asked one of the shop assistants if the items advertised in the brochure were still out the back. He said it had been very hectic that morning but he would go and check. Loandbehold he came back with 3 boxes of winter jackets/winter shirts :lol: He said it was all on the bottom of the pallet and they hadn't got round to that yet. SO if you don't see any might as well ask. I got a winter jacket (v. good quality) and a winter shirt (good quality)
  • I got a winter jacket (v. good quality) and a winter shirt (good quality)

    Ditto, what a bargain.
  • just got 4 pairs of gloves/hi-viz rain jacket/waterproof zip bottoms/cycle wall rack/2 pairs socks.
    no thermal stuff tho- boo
    no lights either
  • People had arms full of stuff in Peterborough, expect a surge on E-bay shortly :?
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    Kidderminster had quite a few diff designs and sizes of tops, trousers, gloves, caps and overshoes s. Didn't see lights or glasses.

    I got a nifty yellow top, bib trousers and gloves for under £20 and I'm dead chuffed ! They seem well made, fit well and don't look c**p. I will look out for the glasses - which is what I really wanted.
  • rrsodl
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    There were plenty of stock In the Bournemouth store.

    I got 2 trousers with bib and brace, very nice quality, 3 pairs of gloves, 2 winter shirts and one pair of socks.

    I already had rain jackets from the last time which I think were better quality than the jackets they were offering this time. The winter jackets they have now are quite good though.

  • Stuww
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    I popped into the Exeter store on Wednesday night at 6.30 and they had all the stuff out already. Got a few bits and bobs!

  • alfablue
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    The bib longs are excellent - fleecy inside, windprrof fronts, good pad, and they fit me! (A not too tall large!).
  • I can't wait to get home from work and try my stuff on

    (which I concede is a little sad)
    Though not too bad
  • ash68
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    got two jerseys, 1 windproof jacket, 1 pair of gloves, 1 hat/overshoe set. Seems reasonable stuff and all that for £34 , don't think you can go wrong. Pity they only get stuff twice a year :cry:
  • Tom98
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    I got a wind jacket, jersey, gloves, bib tights, hat and gloves, very happy, look to be all good quality gear :D
  • Good range left at Sheffield though trousers seem to go fast.No glasses-plenty gloves.There did not seem to be any power-sellers there so ebay may be quiet.Spent £42 on four items for self son and wife.
  • I got some socks and the cap/overshoes. Got the winter trousers for my dad. Thought the jackets looked great but resisted buying one as I have already got one and cash is a bit tight with Chrstmas coming up.
    Great stuff though, was like a rugy scrum in my local store at 9am.
  • I got a jersey in red and a wind proof jacket, bought trousers but they are too small for me and I think XL will be too big on the waist. I have long legs, not suprising at 6'1".
  • Well bought the Bib longs and they don`t fit, they were large size but not very stretchy, do they do XL :oops: Have to say they don`t fit like the Endura thermal longs I bought a few years ago, they are/were good quality. Suspect I might need to spend money to get those. The gloves and socks are ok, never bothered with the jackets got two already and plenty tops.
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    Mog Uk wrote:
    Had loads of gloves in Stockport, in sealed packets so can't try them on though....
    Like bornagainbiker recommends, just open the packet and try them on, same goes for any other item, the housewives will enjoy a little distraction as you try on some bib tights.
    Aldi my way accept that as part of their sales philosophy, even if they don’t encourage it.

    Alternatively, just buy what you might fancy, and if at home, it doesn’t fit or you find you don’t like it after all just take it back. I’ve found no problems doing this if within 7-14 days, might just have to say 'doesn't fit' whether true or not. Again Aldi philosophy.
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    housewives will enjoy a little distraction

    surely you mean 'housepersons' :wink: