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Headache after riding

el_presidenteel_presidente Posts: 1,963
Every time I do a long ride (for me about 60 -80 miles) I get a headache for the rest of the day.

I try to make sure I'm properly hydrated during & afterwards

Any ideas why it's happening & how I could stop it?



  • I struggle with the same, especially on a windy day. There is a syndrome regarding it that I read about.

    I will look up the article.
  • Muscle tension in neck/shoulders?
    don't hunch against the wind/cold. Make sure position on bike is correct for you and that clothing around neck doesn't add to teh strain of holding your head up. Also make sure you're not having to peer over glasses /under a helmet edge.
    Hope it gets better as you progress!
  • popettepopette Posts: 2,089
    Yes me too - At first I thought it was hydration but I make sure I drink lots now. I also wondered whether it's to do with my (long) hair getting damp and then cold from wind/speed etc.
    Looking forward to reading the article Jimmythecuckoo if you can find it. At the moment I just have to take paracetamol as soon as I get in.
  • BlondeBlonde Posts: 3,188
    Could be anything from eye strain (peering at road through too-dark or dirty sunglasses for long periods) to a too-tight hat/helmet to just being tired. I get headaches in all these circumstances myself. I also get them when it's very cold and I have not got a hat on.
  • I have suffered from this and found some stuff on triathlon sites about shortage of salt, which makes your body unable to absorb water, You may well be dehydrated because your body simply won't process the water you take in. The suggestion is that drinking more may actually make the problem worse because you are diluting your salt reserves even further.
    here is the link
    It makes sense to me - I now take a packet of peanuts with me.
    the older i get, the faster i was.
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