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How should a runner train for uphill time trials?

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I am a keen runner at a reasonable standard (72 min half marathon, 32 minute 10k). I am 30. I am originally from a cycling background, racing on the road and in time trials during my teens, with a best of 23:30 for 10 miles (aged 17).

I am 5'11 and 60kgs and my strength as a cyclist was in hill climbing. I am in a break from running training now as it is the end of my season and would like to do some hill climbs during October.

I currently have good aerobic fitness and have done some cycling over the summer (probably a total of 300 miles over 10 rides during the last 4 months). What do you think the best way for me to train for these hill climbs would be? The efforts are likely to be 5-9 mins long. Does anyone have any experience of transferring running fitness to cycling fitness? Any guesses as to how well I will be able to do?



  • HIlls, hills, hills.

    It's that simple - just go and do out and do hill reps on the same hills that you'll be racing on. I'd probably not do full distance reps, maybe half to two-third of race distance should do the trick.

    As a runner you'll likely have well-developed calf muscles (rather than cyclists's quads). Climbing out of the saddle utilises the calves a lot more than riding seated, so you'll be at an advantage there.

    As for transferring fitness - the main thing you can take from running (esp. track running) is the ability to suffer. Like a dog.

    Cheers, Andy
  • You have a very modest definition of 'reasonable' :wink:

    With your ability, low weight and existing cycling familiarity, I'd agree with the previous poster - just get out there and ride some hills. Use what you undoubtedly know about running hill reps for cycling hill reps. Though I'd start with a reasonably shallow hill to start with until you're a little more used to the different stresses of cycling.
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