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Cycling Venice to London Via Stelvio Pass by Cycletouringjoe

JoeLonghairJoeLonghair Posts: 99
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Hello all,
Cycled 1058 miles, approx 6900 meters climbs in total, Ride time 102.50 hrs, Avg 10.49.
This was from Venice to London which took 15 days.

Slidshow is on the link below:
this link is better as the pics are bigger
Choose Album
click on " slideshow"
Press F11.
When the show is over press F11 to resume toolbars.
also available on

From Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza Province, Veneto near Venice to Stelivo pass there is a162 miles tarmac cycle route with no traffic on it going to Spondigna. Which is at the base of the big climb to Stelivo pass. Here there is a campsite so you can try and attempt Stelivo pass without the extra gear and return for the night. This route makes it ideal for family rides and then return back towards Venice.


  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    Fabulous - I enjoyed the slideshow! Well done.
  • alfablue wrote:
    Fabulous - I enjoyed the slideshow! Well done.

    Thanks alfablue, I enjoyed taking the pictures and appreciate your viewing and comments. :D
  • I've just found your post. I really enjoyed the slideshow. Venice has always been my favourite city and the idea that I could cycle there has given me something to dream about.

    Once again, thanks.

    I know I'm alright, the voices tell me so.
  • Special KSpecial K Posts: 449
    Nicely done! I really like stories like this. This forum encouraged me to do my first tour in France this year and am pleased to say that it's posts like yours that keep me inspired.

    Am thinking of doing a London to Athens trip and have often wondered how long it would take me to get to Venice.
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  • ju5t1nju5t1n Posts: 2,028
    Stelvio was featured on TopGear this week as Europe’s ultimate driving road, so every bloody chav with a sports car will be heading there next summer. It was bad enough with all the flippin motorcyclists.
  • Yeah I saw that top gear thing, the way they showed it in the car, well I can tell you the corners they took they could not have done it more that 10mph on each bend and there are 48 of them, still the chavs will have to get there before they realise that one.. thanks Jerremy, glad I did it last year :x
  • bahzobbahzob Posts: 2,195
    Well done. Think you are a little modest, guess you did one hell of a lot more than 6900m climbing.
    Martin S. Newbury RC
  • thanks for that, I was just counting the main climbs, well after Stelvio they all seemed small really, France was tough as it was all up and down all the way, infact that pattern continued all into London really.
  • BryonieBryonie Posts: 1

    I see your post is a little old but I'm looking for some advice. A friend & I are going to cycle from London to Venice May 2010 to raise money for charity. Can you tell me a bit about your route, how you worked it out, any general advice?

    We're both relatively fit but haven't attempted anything like this before!

    Thank you! :D
  • VivicaVivica Posts: 68
    This is incredible, i'm thinking of doing St Malo to Venice this summer myself!
    I've just lost my job and now seems as good a time as any, especially as my girlfriend will be in Venice in a couple of months.

    What sort of prep time is required for a ride like this?
    Am i in a complete pot dream to think i can prep for this in around a month?

    Very very interested in this!!
  • Hi, I'm leaving in July to do Bristol to Venice. Just quit my job and need an adventure. Basically, I'm going to cycle to Porstmouth, then get the ferry to Le Havre. You can then join eurovelo route 4, cut across France in a SE direction, then join the eurovelo route 6 that goes to Basel. Once you get to Basel, Switz, join eurovelo 5 which goes all the way to Milan!

    Now, that sounds easy, I've found these eurovelo routes on wikipedia. There are some links at the bottom of the page. Good thing about these routes, apparently, is that they have to meet certain conditions:

    a) a minimum amount of traffic
    b) good road surfaces
    c) and nothing steeper than 10 % (which is fine for a fatty like me)

    Also, obviously, these routes listed are not one long continuous road. You might want to advise me on nutrition, good cheap panniers etc. I've never done a tour before, but I aim to do 100 miles a day, at a minimum.

    be in touch!
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