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Which multisport HRM?

jumbolugsjumbolugs Posts: 181
edited September 2007 in Training, fitness and health
I have a very basic Polar F1 at the moment bu I would like one that allows you to upload data to a PC, also want it to have an intervals function. Budget £150 or so. Anybody got any recommendations? Thinking at the moment of Suunto T3 plus PC pod. Have also been looking at the Polar S610i and Cardiosport GT5.

I should point it that it's not just for cycling - I also cross-train on a Concept2 rowing machine - so I don't really want a cycling-specific one. I don't really see what the benefit is of being able to correlate speed on the bike with heart rate (what about headwinds and hills? You won't see that on the graph).

So really just looking for a recommendation for a good multi-purpose HRM with intervals and PC upload function.



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