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Weighing Bikes?

kevin_stephenskevin_stephens Posts: 184
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I'm curious

How do those folk obsessed with bike weight actually get an accurate weight?

The standard "carry your bike onto the bathroom scales" at best only gives an accuracy of 1 lb, and poor consistency at that

Kitchen scales don't go high enough to weigh even the most weight weeniest of bikes

Do people dismantle their bike and weigh the bits individually on the kitchen sacles?
Do they have access to industiral or laboratory standard scales?
Can you get special bike scales fro Wiggle or Ribble?
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    use the one in their bike shop?

    well thats what i do.

    and then weigh what comes of and then what goes on.
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  • I've heard about using fishing scales, don't know if that is the pro choice... ;-)
  • yoadiusyoadius Posts: 541
    We use fishing scales at the bike shop. Well we've never used them but thats why they're there.
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  • I'm not exactly a weight weenie, but here's what I use: ... al%20Scale
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