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94 miles

andy610andy610 Posts: 602
i did 94 miles last sunday it took me over 7 hrs about the last 12 miles my legs started to give up on the small hills and i ended walking up hills and riding on the flat road is this normal for muscles to do this


  • fidbodfidbod Posts: 317
    What was the longest distance you did before the 94 miles?
  • It can happen for any number of reasons, especially if you are pushing yourself further/harder than you are used to.

    Prime culprits:
    - Simply biting off more than you could chew
    - Overtraining prior to ride
    - Underfueling - need to make sure you have enough fuel in your system before you start and need to top off while riding for this kind of distance
    - Dehydration - need to top up fluids much more regularly than food. Can help to use an isotonic drink which contains some of the minerals you'll need to be replacing.

    Basically, don't worry too much - it seems to me that everyone can have bad days no matter what their ability. Also, if it doesn't kill you, it'll make you stronger! (but make sure you recover well for a couple of days, and eat plenty...)
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