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Should I be doing anything different

simon000simon000 Posts: 20
I am recently new to the whole road cycling thing, (have always been on my MTB, but due to an injury I was advised to give it up) anyway, I do quite a bit of running (roughly 45 mins in a high HR zone) and thought that I would try combining both, I have had a few attempts and seem to find that by the time I make the transition to my run I am knackered. Currently I will cycle approx 22-25 miles in a med-high HR (the route is various in hill gradients), get home, take on some fluids have a banana whilst changing, then off for my run. (Just for your info, I am eating my carbs etc well before I go out and taking on board fluids during my cycle phase)

I am unsure why during my run phase I feel so exhausted as when I finish my cycle phase I feel quite good? So is it that my body needs to adjust or am I doing something wrong?

Just a quick question on another subject, I am going away for quite a while and there is no chance that I will be able to cycle :( , the only thing that is available to me is a gym with the usual boring cycle machine, is there anyone out there with any advice how to get the best out these machines? I have been on them before and I just find them so
boring :!:

Sorry for the long post. Many thanks in advance.


  • If you've only tried this bike to run transition a few times then I wouldn't worry. It's a skill that needs learning like any other skill.

    However, a couple of tips:

    1) In the last half-mile or so of the bike ride, spin the pedals a little faster than normal and don't push a hard gear.

    2) Try to get out on the run within a few minutes of finishing the bike.

    3) Just start of with short runs until your legs are used to the bike to run transition.

    When I'm tri training, I'll do just this once a week but will rarely run more than 20 minutes.
  • ut_och_cyklaut_och_cykla Posts: 1,594
    At a gym you can do circuit training on teh aerobic machines . Quick changes between bike, rowing, step, treadmill. Focus most on bike but e.g. 5 mins bike 5mins treadmill, 5 mins bike, 5 mins row, 5 mins bike etc.

    For the bike run transition I think its a matter of practice as blackhelmet suggests but you could try doing run first then bike, or shortening bike to allow for bike run to be teh same as a good bike session? mebbe! :)
  • BlondeBlonde Posts: 3,188
    Gym bikes - not great but better than nowt.

    Do intervals - ie, light gear/resistance cycle for a couple of minutes, then 1 minute in much higher gear, repeat. Try to keep the cadence (the speed you turn the pedals) the same whether in light or heavy gear.

    For strength training you can whack the gear/resistance up to top and grind or get out of the saddle as you would on a steep hill on the road - do this for a minute, maybe two at most, then pedal a light gear fast again for two minutes, and repeat.

    Or, join a spinning class (where the bikes are better than usual gym bikes and more adjustable) and let someone else guide you through a workout.
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