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Daley Thompson Fitness challenge

the ferrythe ferry Posts: 258
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If someone considers themselves reasonably fit should they be able to do the following?
Run one lap equivalent time to what Daley Thompson used to do.

Daley thompson was and is a true olympic hero.

However we all remember how he basically jogged round in his final event of the decathlon the 1500 metres.
he was smiling, getting passed by almost all the other competitors as he dragged himself round the (almost) 4 laps of the track.

arguments against?
Thompson was a supreme athalete, Gold medals galore.
Trained full time with professional coaches and trainers.
we are cyclists we don't run!

arguments for?
The 1500 was at the end of two draining days of intense competition.
He was obviously not a natural middle distance runner.
i'm only talking matching one lap not all 4.

Do you think you can do it?

now to work out the lap time and do it.
funny what you think off lying by a pool.


  • After some late night Google interest, I can tell you that means running a 68.75s 400m lap ;-)
  • the ferrythe ferry Posts: 258
    hmmmm......that's tougher than i thought.
    well i'm 41, cycle every day.,Do club tens, cyclo sportives and the odd crit or two.
    so let's see.

    Plan to take the kids to Maiden Castle athletics track in Durham.
    Warm up a bit then blast round for one lap see what i get. :D
  • I've run a little under 68s "in my youth", although that almost counts as a long distance event for me.

    I did think it was interesting though that you have the impression of Daley being so slow on the 1500m, and just taking it steady at his won pace, and then when you think a bit more about the times..... I guess it is like how the "slow" still climbers would leave most of us for dead on any TT.
  • on the roadon the road Posts: 5,631
    Daley Thompson wasn't reasonably fit, he was super fit.
  • DaveyLDaveyL Posts: 5,167
    Damn, I thought this thread was going to resurrect the old ZX Spectrum game!
    Le Blaireau (1)
  • robklancsrobklancs Posts: 498
    i once ran the 400metres in 58 seconds, but that doesnt mean i am fit, its roughly 14 seconds slower than the elites, which would probably be about 120 metres on the track, more than a quarter! I think thats a poor way to suggest if people are fit or not, everybody is different, some people are better at sprinting, shorter distances, others are better at longer distances.
  • NuggsNuggs Posts: 1,804
    DaveyL wrote:
    Damn, I thought this thread was going to resurrect the old ZX Spectrum game!
    Lol - there aren't enough kempston joysticks left in the world!
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