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Aux1Aux1 Posts: 865
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Say I'm just riding down a general mountain trail. How does it feel when the fork rebound is set too fast?

Mine is just set to middle at the moment, guess it's fast enough because the fork doesn't pack up over successive bumps. But maybe I can get even more out of it if I try to set it up with some deliberation. Maybe increase it bit by bit? When will I know it's fast enough? Any tips would be much appreciated! :idea:


  • Sir HCSir HC Posts: 20,148
    If the rebound is too fast, the front wheel will be bouncing all over the place. If its too slow, it will pack down. You want somewhere in between.
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  • BikerDanBikerDan Posts: 188
    Yeah u dont want 2 have rebound 2 fast like its trying to take yer teeth out. if having rebound too slow it wont come back fast enough, ready for the next bump. :shock:
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  • Will SnowWill Snow Posts: 1,154
    why not just experiment??? take it to a ride u know well, and ride it with full rebound, no rebound, stuff like that. Youll soon find out what works for you. Same goes for tyre pressures, sag, infact, everything!!! :lol:
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  • Aux1Aux1 Posts: 865
    Well, I'm adding rebound speed bit by bit and haven't noticed any uncomfortable kick-back from the fork yet...
  • ddoogieddoogie Posts: 4,159
    Ride off a tallish curb. Your fork should compress and then rebound to the sag point, no further. If it overshoots the sag point then you need to slow down the rebound. Decrease the rebound damping until you do see it overshoot the sag point and then knock it back a couple turns.
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