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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    wil there be a full sus guide for the more discerning rider?
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    cool and the gang, i want a new bike after i get back from the falklands so i'll be popping in for a look.
  • can you update this?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I have done - see the What Hardtail sticky. More will be added as I get more details.
  • balchy88balchy88 Posts: 108
    what about this bike? is this good? ... m153.l1262
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Its good value: but heavy. How do you know it is the right size?

    Sounds like you need to visit a good shop, try some out, get the right size and use the service they offer. As I said in the other thread, there is not a 'best' bike at this price.

    Look for a hydraulically damped suspension fork. I'd shortlist 3 or so, and go and see them. Such as:

    Carrera Kraken
    GT Avalanche 2.0
    Mongoose Tyax

    All good value bikes. If you don't liek them, see some others.
  • balchy88balchy88 Posts: 108
    well im 6ft2 and my inseam is 30in so a 20in frame should be ok
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    It might be ok. Have you read the What Size thread? Sizes vary so much brand to brand, even though they arte listed the same, such as top tube length.

    For instance, the standover height of this frame could be the 20 inches of the seat tube, plus a 12 inch bottom bracket height. That is 32 inches. Your inseem is 30 inches. The frame is too big.

    I am 6ft with a 33 inside leg. I ride a 17, 18 and 20.5 inch frame. The 18 is higher than the 20.5!!!

    Too many variables for the beginner, need to try them.
  • balchy88balchy88 Posts: 108
    would the coyote nevada 2008 be good for a begginer, it has SR Suntour SF7-XCR-RL, magnesium lower, remote lock out with hydraulic speed damping, coil spring with preload adjust, 100mm travel, as the other bikes i like (claud butler) have rst omega t7 or roxshox dart 1
  • balchy88balchy88 Posts: 108
    the mongoose tyax super 2008 would be an option
  • Hi all,
    posted elsewhere but what does everyone think of the Focus Black Hills, 08 model in Wiggle at £360. Anyone any experience of Focus bikes?

    Cheers, Geordie
  • I just bought a mongoose tyax since i'm new to this malarkey. It's the 2009 version and forks and brakes are brilliant. Best £300 bike imo.
  • Andy_B wrote:
    Claude Butler Cape Wrath

    Seconded, Originally bought as it was one of the few half decent bikes in a frame size big enough to suit me, I've been consistently surprised at how good it is right out the factory, whilst I may progress in terms of forks, rims, etc. I'll hang on to the frame itself for as long as possible.
  • i have just bought a Cape Wrath Disc and im really pleased with it! I have only just got back into riding after moto x for quite a while.

    I picked it up for £329 from here

    it has come to me with a better spec than it has on the page! it has come with hayes nine's instead of sole's and it has come with rock shox dart 3 instead of rock shox judy j2'2
  • excellent guide

    Got the Giant Boulder for £212 for my gf, and got the GT Avalanche 2.0 V-brake for £224 for myself .

    How much would it cost to upgrade my 2.0 to hydraulic disk setuo?
    GT Avalanche 2.0
    Giant Defy 3
  • Hi,

    I bought a Barracuda Jacana for £150:

    # Frame Construction :Alloy Hydro with oversize top and down tubes.
    # Forks : Suntour M-2000 Alloy Suspension w/75mm Travel.
    # Frame Size :18"
    # Wheel Size :26"
    # Gear System :Shimano 21 Speed with Easy Fire Shifters, Shimano rear mech.
    # Crankshaft :Suntour XCC, 28t X 38t X 48t, 170mm.
    # Wheel Specification :36 Spoke Lightweight alloy rims on Alloy hubs. 26" 2.1 Kenda Tyres.
    # Brakes :Front and Rear Powerful Disc Brakes with Shimano Levers.

    I love it! Great bike and bargain price!



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