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  • well i can now leave this post and move on with a massive stupid grin on my face :D and a very much lighter wallet :( . Bought my mighty steed last week, a shiny new red commi combi dlx, just waiting for it to turn up on the door step. cheers for the help and advise supersonic.
    Happy riding and peace out. :D
  • Supersonic (or anyone else with opinion...) - can I ask if you know anything about Focus Full Sus? I'm getting close to the idea of getting the First Extreme. There's not much written about them on the net but I saw one at Sleepless last month and it looks the nuts. Any other suggestions around the 3 grand mark??
    Mant thanks for any help!
  • Forgot to say that I ride mostly XC with a few downhill trails thrown in - like Cannock.
  • t84t84 Posts: 119
    So if I had £600 to spend on an MTB the Rockhopper would be the best buy?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    It is great value. But if it doesn't fit, would be a poor buy!
  • t84t84 Posts: 119
    I tried the 09 pro version and it fit nicely according to the guy at evans, felt alright to me!

    The 09 rockhoppers have just this moment come up on the Evans Website for the same price as the 08's! Awesome!

  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Halfords seem to have increased the main three 08 bikes they sell in price - the Vulcan, Kraken and Fury. But wait 28 days, and they should be less than the original prices in the sales.

    Also if you want a specific question answering or advice, it is best to start a new thread as more people will see it.

  • What is meant by try for fit?
  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    bulkomuff wrote:
    What is meant by try for fit?
    Try a bike for size.

    All bikes differ even if they say 18" frame the top tube may be longer/shorter, the frame angles may be different etc, it all affects the feel of the bike.
  • Visited Halfords today as I'm on the Cycle2Work scheme - I used to ride a lot but havn't had abike for about 10 years. Noticed they have a Carrera Vulcan 'Limited Edition' with Rock Shox forks for 329.00 - anyone know this bike - is it a good buy or would I be better with something like the Giant Yukon ? Plan is to use the same bike to commute to work and to do trail riding at weekends
  • Hey, first post on this site and looking for a bit of advice.

    I know this question has probably been asked a stack of time but I'd prefer something a bit more personalised!

    I'm looking at getting a mountain bike, mainly for trails but I'd also like the oppurtunity to go 'off road'

    Seeing as it will be my first serious bike I'm looking at spending a max of £400

    I'm 6'0 and 12st5lbs so what should I be looking at? Initially I thought the Specialized Hardrock but it seems that this bike wasn't as good as I thought after reading through this

    Cheers in advance
  • already started another thread so i'll take my beating first :( got a £1000 to spend at halfords on bike2work and a considering carrera banshee xxx. am looking at getting more into free riding and a bit of downhill (not too concerned about pushing it up the hill but gotta be able to come back down and keep me and it in one piece :) ) i understand halfords can source most bikes but after reading your review the banshee xxx seems a good buy. is there anything else i should be considering? have sat on the banshee x in my local halfords and assume it is the same frame and feel, only xxx is approx 30 mile away and not got time to get over there yet. please please please help. a lot of money to spend if the bike is no good, thanks in anticipation. also you mentioned waiting a few weeks earlier in the thread, are the prices set to be dropped on the banshee too do you know? if so, what sort of discount do they normally give?

    Damn that twig!!! still stuck to the flaming great branch and must have had rear mech magnetism :(
  • Hi all,

    Hope this post is in a suitable place!

    Having recently moved to North Sheffield near Wharcliffe Woods i am looking to get back into Mountain Biking after a 15 year (ish) and stone and a half (ish!) absence.

    I have only £300 (£350 tops) to spend (damn mortgages) and am looking for the best hardtail for off-roading (local tracks, Derbyhsire trails, etc.). Having read various reviews and posts on this site i had pretty much narrowed down my options to the GT Avalance 2.0 and the Scott aspect 45. However, i always used to lust after Saracens when i was younger, but there doesn't seem to be any recomendation on here for Saracen, are they now regarded as poor?!?!

    Any advice greatlt appreciated.

    By the way i am 6foot and 13.5 stone but football and running have left me reasonably fit for that size!!
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Eyup Sidlad,

    Saracens are still OK, but the others have caught up in terms of value. The two bikes you mention are about the best for the money you can get - test them out?

    Wharncliffe is great!
  • Is it possible to start introducing 09 prices on the bikes on the first post?

    Really useful thread but I'm trying to get a bike on Halford's Cycle2Work scheme and connot get any of the bikes at the price stated due to them running out of 08 stock :(

    Was told today that the Genesis Core 1.0 09 Is £560 rrp!!! £110 more expensive???
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Yep, working on it. Not all 09 bikes are out yet.
  • Nice one! Be easier to see them here rather than wait for Halfords to get back to me each time! :D

  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Also the 09 core 10 has a better spec. There is a core 00 too.
  • Complete newby here and know nothing about the quality of parts on bikes from different manufacturers.
    How does the new rockhopper disk compare with the 2008 model?
    2008 model has rockshock tora fork,
    2009 has r/s dart 3. also the brakes are different.

    Is the 2009 version still a good bike?

    Thanks for any help.
    Giant XTC3.5 Maxis tyres, Shimano deore cranks, superstar bits and bobs
  • cheeheecheehee Posts: 427
    Hello all,

    t'is my first post on here.

    I am hopefully going to be getting a new bike via the ride2work scheme. I can go to a maximum of £1000 including accesories and hopefully this will work out to be £600 ish. I've sent off the paperwork so will hopefully here back soon.

    I have currently got a 1999 Specialized Rockhopper which I bought new and it has been a great bike. However with the opportunity to get a really pukka bike I am at a quandry. I am tempted to get the 2009 GT Zaskar, as that is the bike I used to lust after as a 'yoot' :D
    , but the idea of a full suspension jobby is also tempting me maybe an XC pro or comp??

    I am gonna keep my faithful Rockhopper and treat it to some new front suspenders........

    The new bike will be used for rides in the peaks trails etc and the old 'un for general chores ie gym, work.

    I've never been in the posistion to get such a high end bike, Any ideas??

    Thanks Cheehee
  • sidladsidlad Posts: 4
    supersonic wrote:
    Eyup Sidlad,

    Saracens are still OK, but the others have caught up in terms of value. The two bikes you mention are about the best for the money you can get - test them out?

    Wharncliffe is great!

    Thanks for the advice supersonic, i thought i'd hopefully narrowed myself down to the two best value bikes (mainly die to the excellent advice and reviews on this site).

    Was going to try out at Evans in castleford but can you recommned a LBS you use in Sheffield? Might save me some diesel money!

    Can't wait to get down the woods!!

    Thanks again for your help
  • grennogrenno Posts: 6
    Has anyone heard anything about Felt bike?
    Felt q720 or Kona Cindercone 08?
  • Hi

    Great thread, really useful.

    Is there a section on bikes over £800?

    (I haven't read all the pages but did read the first 3)

    I want to spend about £1000 but would like full sus. I understand this means I need to increase the budget. :cry:

    I will beRiding with guys who have full suspension and they say it is worth it for where we will ride.

    What would you recommend for 1500 max?

    thank you
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Doesn't always mean an increase in budget, some good options for that price if asomewhat heavier than a hardtail. New guides should be up next week for 09 bikes.

    So where will you be riding?
  • supersonic wrote:
    Doesn't always mean an increase in budget, some good options for that price if asomewhat heavier than a hardtail. New guides should be up next week for 09 bikes.

    So where will you be riding?

    Hi mainly trail rides around Danbury in Essex. With occaisional hilly stuff. One of the guys bought a stumpjumper with F/S and is pleased with it.

    WHat I do not want to do is but something then be disapointed.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    In that case test a few out ;-)
  • grennogrenno Posts: 6
    I was recently pointed at the Felt q720. This is as a better bike than gt avalanche 1.0 and cindercone 2008. Does that seem reasonable?

    I quite liked the bike, apart from my bugbear of non-round top tube (round is a great shape for strong and light). All the equipment seemed good and the bike was comfortable. Only thing is I've never even heard of felt, and I have certainly heard of GT and Kona.

  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    This one? ... e-ec000557

    Better value at 450, not wirth 550. I'd still say the GT was better.
  • grennogrenno Posts: 6
    That's the one. They are both the same price where I was looking. Perhaps I will go and ask the same question on a weekday ;-)

  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Thread now unstickied: see new guide!
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