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Interval/Fartlek training

Simonb256Simonb256 Posts: 880
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Currently slowly easing off the training for SITS* as I have been doing intervals(on road) for a couple of weeks now and it's got to a point that I keep spinning out the top gear. Bigger chainring needed fair enough, (currently using a 50T)

However does anyone know about Fartlek training? Is it any more beneficial than Intervals considering I have torn the Anterior Cruciate Ligament in my left knee?

*Sleepless in the Saddle (a 24hr MTB endurance race)
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  • mackdaddymackdaddy Posts: 310
    Fartleks are just a more random version of interval training done on a road. It's normally used for running to my knowledge, but the principle is simple enough:
    Ride normal pace for a while, then pick a landmark off in th distance, go flat out to it, drop back to normal pace until recovered, repeat.......

    That's how I use it anyway.
  • ut_och_cyklaut_och_cykla Posts: 1,594
    fartlek is Swedish for 'speed play/game' - which in'normal' English means playing with speed. Just as Mackdaddy says - random, untimed changes in speed. It's said to work better in a group of riders but what do I know? :)
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