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thesmellyonethesmellyone Posts: 44
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Hey guys I'm after a new commuter bike after lending my MTB to my girlfriend permanently.

have any tried/own/seen/have comments on the Specialized Globe Comp 1G8?

I like the idea of an integrated rear hub so it reduces maintenance greatly (i know conversely if it craps out it'll cause problems). Carbon forks are nice and it's a lot lighter and more commuter friendly than the old MTB.

Any reviews comments anyone can provide?



  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    No-one had given you any joy here, so I thought I'd write something... - 'zat it?

    Looks pretty nice, and low on maintenance. Easier to keep your pants clean with only the one chainring too, which appears to have a guard? Similar to what I'd be looking at if my commuter scooter ever dies, I reckon. I'm not big on the suspension seatposts, but it'd be nice and cruisey I expect!
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  • StuwwStuww Posts: 203

    I can highly recommend a "giant escape m1" , I commute 100+ miles a week on mine along pot holed country lanes.

    Being 18 stone and hauling a heavy pannier it has to stand up to a fair bit of battering and it does this admirably.

    The hydraulic disks are low maintainence and the group set does what it says on the tin!

    Great bike.

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