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New bike for mrs??

steve134steve134 Posts: 20
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Hey guys would appreiciate any thoughts on this possible bike for the mrs. Thanks....
It will be used for xc and local park and through woods and trees. ... &catID=617


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Possibly, you'd have to try it for size. Have to say that the spec is rather poor - thats a truly awful fork that it sports, and can't see where else the money is.
  • steve134steve134 Posts: 20
    Ok point taken, but as my nearest lbs (2 min walk) says " this is a great bike for the money hence why i posted on the forum , sort of a double check. So my other lbs stocks giant,gt and mongoose and they are there main brands i feel that the shop i went to this morning was a bit of a bullshi**er. So me and mrs off to lbs next weekend to like you say" try a few out" Would you have any recommendations?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    For 3-400 quid there are some superb bikes about for the trails. Do try mens bikes too - geometry varies from brand to brand so you sometimes find that a mans does the job perfectly.

    For 400 quid the GT Avalanche 2.0 and Mongoose Tyax Super both have hydraulic disc brakes, damped forks and a good spec. Also there is the Trek 4500 - V brakes, but superb 9 spd deore running gear, disc ready, great fork and frame and a bit lighter than the others.

    I always feel that for serious off road riding, the fork is a big factor at this price. Hydraulic damping makes a big difference and controls the front end, and this is one area where the Specialized is lacking.

    The mongoose tyax elite at 280 is also a superb buy, with an outstanding fork but is a little heavy. The Giant Terrago also worth looking at.
  • steve134steve134 Posts: 20
    Ok ss cheers for that :D Like i said we will be off to lbs next week where a final decision will be made...
  • L60NL60N Posts: 223
    I bought my Mrs a --> Marin Bear Valley <---

    She loves it to bits, i think its pretty cool too, even if its lipstick pink :lol:
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