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what constitutes....?

TheGreatGatsbyTheGreatGatsby Posts: 818
a long ride? and a good climb? theres lots of posts on here about going for low intensity long rides but surely thats relative to the person doing it? I do between 30 and 55 miles a day with between 80-100 mile ride once a week and only think of anything over 50 miles as a long ride but to others 30 seems long.

The other thing is climbs - when doing a climb what do you class as a good climb? Obviously something that takes 30seconds of effort is more of a slight incline than a climb but I regulary do hills that take about 5-15 minutes to climb. Did one yesterday by mistake that took an hour to climb 10 miles! I guess that would be a long climb!

How do you rate yours>?



  • ajohn9ajohn9 Posts: 260
    a long ride for me is over 30,
    i suppose its because im 17, and i do live in the peak district
    but i guess it depends on where you live, for instance if i lived in kent, id say a long ride is over 50
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