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Collar Bone

StephencpStephencp Posts: 60
I`ve just broken my collar bone. Does anyone have any ideas how long it will be before I can get back on my bike. It`s a simple break I`ve been told so no complications (I hope). I`m 48 and do a lot of cycling. What about turbo training?



  • Max WeberMax Weber Posts: 183
    I've broken mine twice (playing football and rugby). You could probably get back on the turbo in a few weeks, depending on how it feels, and also on your riding position. Once the bones start to 'stick' after a week or so, sitting upright and walking around is comfortable enough and doesn't seem to do any harm. Actually leaning on the bars will be a bit more difficult, climbing out of the saddle even more so!

    It seems to take a couple of months at least to harden up properly, so probably worth waiting till then before getting back on the bike outside, unless you're very confident of not failling off!

    Not a pleasant injury, hope it heals well. I'm sure others will have better advice.
  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Did mine for the first time just over 3 weeks still a newbie as well!!

    First week was very uncomfortable and I didn't feel like doing anything much at all. Just sat about with loads of pillows propping me up.

    Eigth days after the event, it seemed to "knit" a bit and was suddenly less painful..........did a bit of walking etc but still very sore in the ribs and shoulder where I landed.........didn't help getting a cold either.........sneezing with bruised ribs :cry:

    Went swimming for first time last Friday (just short of 3 weeks)..........looked like a dog drowning, but it made the bruised muscles around the shoulder a bit easier. Have been another 2 times now and easier each time.

    Started driving (short distances only) on Sunday but I can't lift my arm horizontally to far so can't reach the radio :roll:

    I haven't ridden the turbo yet.............but that's mainly because I hate the turbo, not because I can't.

    Think it's still another couple of weeks before I venture out on the road - I'm in no rush now as I've written the rest of this season off race wise - I go away for 2 weeks start of Aug, so by the time I'm ready to ride again, I go away and then what bit of form I did have will be gone. Roll on 2008 then!

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to you................
  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927

    It'll be 5 weeks this Sunday - I'm itching to get back out on the road but Mrs Bronzie won't hear of it - scared I may injure myself again before we go away on hols next Thurs :twisted: - may have to sneak out like a naughty schoolboy when she pops to the shops :wink:

    Saw the consultant again this morning - he's quite pleased with progress - got a good range of movement back in the shoulder - can even manage backstroke when swimming, but it does make me sore the next day. Swimming (from about 3 weeks) has been a great help - just take it very easy at first (looked like a drowning dog on my first attempt). The "lump" in my previously perfect left collarbone is going down a little, but the consultant says it will be at least a year before it finishes "re-modelling itself" into something approaching it's former glory, and even then, there will always be a pronounced lump.

    Another tip, although I have no evidence they do much good, but several people told me to try them, was to take a calcium supplement to speed up the mending process.
  • dcsuiterdcsuiter Posts: 1
    Broke mine in May. Doctor had me in sling for six weeks. At the end of six weeks I was cleared to ride again. It hurt a little to ride, especially pulling up hills. But have been riding for a month now and it feels fine.

    Good luck and hope you have a speedy recovery. The trick is to obey the doctor's orders.
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