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This article is a good example of this behaviour.

Has Christof Delin got nothing better to do than complain about this?

Tube driving is so complicated, what with the accelerate/slow down options, and the crazy world of open/shut door controls.

Holding a camera is bound to distract them from concentration on these four options.......


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    Christ, is there no proper news nowadays!!!

    Something much more interesting than that ust have happened OUTSIDE of London...oh sorry, my mistake - NOTHING happens outside of London.
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    from what I have heard, it's all second homes and chavvery outside the M25.......
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    Don't you fall off the edge just after you pass the M25?
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    M25, ain't that the spies?
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    Big Red S wrote:
    Don't you fall off the edge just after you pass the M25?
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    Christ, is there no proper news nowadays!!!

    Too many news channels, too many news hours to fill, so stuff that years ago wouldn't even have merited a mention in a local rag now gets repeated every hour across the nation!

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    Do London maps now have

    "There be dragons" outside the M25 :D

  • I can't see what the problem is with it. As the London tube managers themselves have admitted:
    "We don't think it poses a risk but we don't think they should be doing it."
    As in, we don't really know why we want to ban it, but we definitely do want t ban it - we just like banning things.
    In other words tube driving is so boring that all they do is have one lever for go and one for stop and so easy that they can't possibly do anything wrong, but being the little hitlers we are we want to ban it anyway. And if tube drivers started wearing sky blue pink and green polkadotted pants under their uniform in protest, we'd ban that too. Because we love banning things.
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    Big Red S wrote:
    Don't you fall off the edge just after you pass the M25?
    Yes, theres nothing out here... :lol: You lot just stay in there, don't be coming out here and blocking up the roads and getting in the way of the views :lol::lol::lol:

    it looks a bit steep to me.....
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    theres always news up here in the north!
    not seen that woman who married a Bin laden!!!
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    tbh seen as the clip mentioned was taken from a jubilee line train i'm definately less than worried. If the train is in Auto mode then all the driver actually does is open and close the doors.
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