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tyre performance

oldwelshmanoldwelshman Posts: 4,733
Looks like I have been doing secret training as my racing wheels only have conti ultra gatorskin tyres which are winter tyres. ~(bought them off ebay!)
Tomorrow I am fitting conti GP4000 S tyres ready for Pinarello Gran Findo on Sunday.
How much performance improvement do you all reckon I will get with the change in tyres?


  • :D
    You will of course go faster with less rolling resistance. Should be worth at least a couple of bike lengths in a sprint and about 10 seconds on a longish climb. Difference between winning and coming 2nd or 3rd. Good luck!
  • domtylerdomtyler Posts: 2,648
    I have them on two of my bikes and they are seriously quick, really seriously noticeable.
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