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Spesh Hardrock Sport Disc (Hydro) v Mongoose Tyax Elite

frogbadfrogbad Posts: 32
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I am in a real dilema, I am planning to buy myself a new bike in the nxt few days.

I currently ride a Giant Boulder, which is fine for fireroads etc, but not for the 7 Stanes routes which I would like to be able to have a go at. (I live 10 minutes away from Kirroughtree and 20 mins from Glentrool). I am a complete beginner as far as off roadin is concerned, as most of my riding has been contained to road, towpath or fireroad.

So I have been looking mainly at the Mongoose Tyax Elite, which I see is getting lots of good reviews and positive comments, and also the Specialized Hardrock Sport with Hydro discs. There is £100 difference between the two.

The geometry is much the same on the two bikes, and so are the components, with the exception being that the Spesh has dodgy forks.

Whilst I will not have money to upgrade right away, which bike wil be the better longer term investment. Would I be correct in assuming that the Spesh has the better and more durable frame? I am a big lad being 5'11" and 15 and a half stone.

Anyone able to offer any helpful advice?

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  • frogbadfrogbad Posts: 32
    Has no-one any views or comments which may help me in making a decision?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I am fairly sure that you will never put either frames anywhere near their limits! Its difficult to compare two bikes like this, but I do feel that the Goose does offer the better overall package. Of course you must test them both: the ace in the pack with the tyax is its damped and adjiustable fork. This offers much greater control on the rough stuff, and I feel at this price is just as important as the frame.

    I'll make no bones about it: I think all the Spesh Hardrocks are over priced and under specced, and definitely far too heavy.
  • frogbadfrogbad Posts: 32
    I can get the Spesh Sport with Hydrolic Discs for £360 - At this price is it still overpriced? Or is it more worthwhile as it can be obtained for the same price as the mechanical disc version?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The only difference really is the discs, and they hydros are better. But its the fork that is the problem. Quite simply, its censored .
  • HJ1976HJ1976 Posts: 205
    Is the hardrock's fork that bad? Only I am looking at either a brand new (2007) Hardrock sport yd disc or possibly a second hand Kone Cindercone (2007).
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Any bike over 400 quid nowadays should have a fork with damping, and the hardrock doesnt. It also weighs a ton.
  • pdrolopdrolo Posts: 127
    Ive just got a tyax elite - having ridden rigids all my cycling life - this was quite a change - you can read my mini review at - click on photos - then bikes - scroll down for MTB'S.

    My mates who have been mtbing for a while - were surprised at the quality of the kit on the mongoose - If the spesh is almost £100 more, then I would save your cash and get the goose - haven't ridden the spesh so can't say to much about it - I would say it is a nicer looking bike than the mongoose - other than that can't comment - if you buy from wiggle you get £28 to spend on accessories - making it an even better deal
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  • DomADomA Posts: 530
    I rode the spesh whilst on holiday in Greece and boy did you feel the extra weight up the hills.

    Never heard anyone say a bad word against the Tyax.
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  • frogbadfrogbad Posts: 32
    Thanks everyone for your posts. I finally went for the Mongoose. It was delivered today, and I have set it up and given it a test ride, and it is a fine bike indeed, especially for the £250 that I paid for it.

    The disk brakes seem ok. The frame is much better than I thought it would be, as are the forks. The gears and other components are perfectly functional, and I am looking forward to hitting the trails.

    Thanks again
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