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Change of Geometry needed?

lovewaleslovewales Posts: 411

So as some of you may know I came back from Dalby with a fractured wrist (not too bad). It turns out to be a stress fracture and not from the tumble I took - Rode everyday for 6 days normally only ride weekends.

When I ride normally i get pain in said wrist think this is because I have hand on end of bars and wrist sits low compared to knuckles. Was discussing getting wider bars whilst we were there but where do I get advice to get them in correct position?

ie: Do they need to be higher/ further forwards / further back

Any advice appreciated
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  • Dr_DeathDr_Death Posts: 1,262
    Very difiicult to say without seeing your position on the bike. It would be better to take your bike into a shop you trust and ask their opinion. They should be able to swap a few bits temporarily to see what 'looks' right if you go on a quiet afternoon. This should then give you a better idea about what needs changing.

    Ideal bike position is very difficult for others to judge though as a lot of it is down to personal preferance, but they should be able to get you in the 'ideal' position and then fiddle with things from there (ooo-er missuss).

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  • gary_fisher3gary_fisher3 Posts: 3,466
    It could be worth changing your position on the bike.

    Then again something as simple as running your front fork softer / wearing a gel glove might be all that's needed to reduce the stress in your wrist.
  • I have found a carbon fibre handlebar seems to transmit less vibration through to the wrists. It may of course be purely psychological and a good excuse for gadgets, but it seemed to help.

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