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Rapha Post-Prologue Ride 7/[email protected]

JWSurreyJWSurrey Posts: 1,173
Just picked this up on an email - not sure I agree with the encouragement of wearing a cloth cap en lieu of a skid lid!...

Was just chatting in Condor - Turns out there was some issue regarding TDF advertising/endorsements, so they (Condor) couldn't have a stand at the event itself!


  • drhaddockdrhaddock Posts: 664
    You can wear a cap under a helmet you know...

  • overmarsovermars Posts: 430
    ...and you wear the cap for a free drink (Probably lemonade in a champaign glass [:p])

    The obstacle is the path
  • overmarsovermars Posts: 430
    Just back from the ride (well I'm at work actually!) And it was a ton of fun! :D
    Nice to kick things off in Hyde Park. The atmosphere was positive and cheerful. It is the tour after all!
    There was a very nice short climb that was a welcome pleasure (don't know the name of it!)
    I got lost a few times after stopping to check my camcorder batteries and was asking pedestrians and pub drinkers directions (some with a drink in their hands were not to be trusted!!)
    "Yeah a group of cyclists went that way and left about two minutes ago!! Waitaminute... they turned right!"

    It was fantastic and nice how pedestrians were applauding us! 8). Had a great time (nearly 15 miles of fun). Loved it ta bits.
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