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turbo training plans

firestarter4075cpfirestarter4075cp Posts: 167
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hi ive just ordered a turbo as im still recovering from a head injury and want to start getting some base fitness/endurance built up again for when i can get back out on the bike.
ive a turbo/computer with speed and cadence/heart rate monitor. any tips? should i aim to keep a cadence of 80-100 and keep my heart rate within my zones or use the speed?
also is there any downloadable training plans or books i can buy regarding turbo use?
and lastly ive seen some tacx dvds of cycling footage (not the cd rom versions) and it has an indicator on the screen of the resistance level to set the turbo on at different gradients . has anybody used these?
many thanks mick


  • andyBcpandyBcp Posts: 1,726
    Hi Mick,
    so that you dont end up in a bad relationship with your turbo, dont go and overuse it.
    I would suggest doing some 1/2hr sessions on it at a comfortable pace.
    Get some music sorted and use the tempo of the different songs to change your cadence to different rpm's.
    If you can get a TV set-up also, this will help to stave off the boredom that you will come to experience.
  • many thanks for the tips. ive just ordered a one of the tacx tv dvds to have a try with cant hurt and gotta be less boring looking at the alps on the screen than eastenders lol cheers mick
  • drewfromriscadrewfromrisca Posts: 1,165
    firestarter4075cp are you still looking for a training plan? I think I've got one which was given to me from my club which has been devised by a coach.
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  • Hi Mick, hope the post is ok :D

    Try here for some ideas: - go to the resources page and then the link to indoor cycling.

    Joe Beer reckons 75mins is prime for turbo trainer use.

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  • Check out

    You can download absolutely hundreds of rides for your turbo. I'm having another crack at the Col du Tourmalet tomorrow.
  • I found the Arnie Baker series of work outs in his Smart cycling book a good start for first time turbo use. They start pretty easy 30 minutes sessions, work on technique and develop into power, I reckon once you've done his 12 weeks though you're best seeking another source such as those suggested by others above as I think they lack the top end strength endurance of others.

    They're also available on line but buy or borrow the book. ... rkouts.htm
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